Many people often think of developing the right professional image as a series of process that involves a lot of ringgit on developing it. Today, building the professional image standard may no longer about building awareness, but it is about communicating the company’s brand through the packaging of the employees of an organization. However, merely wearing the clothes of a ‘corporate image’ will not be the only source of the professional image standard for an organization. In fact, the right image of a professional standard really relates to the three most basic areas of employees that make up the identity of an organization. The three areas are Awareness, Branding and their Connecting ability.

Looking good on the outside as well as possessing excellent business, social and communication skills will not only attract people but sales and opportunities to them like moths to a flame. In fact, these qualities are commonly found and are possessed by competent and dynamic professionals in the sales & marketing sectors. Therefore, it is most important for us to look after our appearance and also the way we conduct ourselves when we are with clients. Nothing puts people off more than looking unkempt and having bad manners.

The good news is, we can be trained to develop these good qualities and put them into practice, thus enhancing the performance of our work, the quality of our daily interactions with people and consequently, the success closing rate at work will proceed to increase too. The possibilities are endless once you have acquired the essential skills and qualities.

Video of Wendy Liew in Training

Wendy Liew in Action as a Certified Image & Styling Consultant

Certification by PEAK SUCCESS ABUNDANCE – With Thanks

At the end of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Project a confident personality, a professional image and mannerism that creates positive impressions with people
  • Discover how to project the image that sells when they meet different customers/clients
  • Include Image & Communication NLP techniques for higher sales closing rate
  • Practice high professionalism in matters regarding to work or people
  • Carry themselves well by living up to the company/brand’s image and social standing

This seminar is designed for individuals who have protocol, events, or meetings and conferences coordination responsibilities; deal with international clients or colleagues; are entering the global marketplace; want to polish their professional image and people skills; or are looking for an extra advantage in business



  • Creating lasting first impressions Anywhere, Anytime, Anyplace
  • Mastering and using the 3V’s to your advantage
  • Image Management 3A’s – Uses and advantages
  • Tips and tricks on being a PROfessional
  • Living up to your Brand & Image
  • The Key Components of A Winning Image


  • What Makes You Remember A Person
  • How Memory Works & Memory Relationship
  • Memory Reinforcement Techniques
  • Remembering New Face Techniques
  • Immediate Memory, Working Memory & Long Term Memory



  • The Corporate, Communicator and Creative Career Profiles
  • Business Wardrobe Planning: MEN vs WOMEN Style & Substance
  • Dressing for Your Appointment
  • Fashion Faux Pas & Image Destroyers


  • Flexi-Dress! Adapting your Image to meet different job demands/business
  • Unlocking the Colors of Fortune
  • Attention to Detail
  • Working your way through Color Personalities
  • Accessories that spells “Success”


  • How Make-Up Helps Ladies In Promoting Good Working Spirit And Building Corporate Image
  • Understanding Products And Cosmetics
  • Your Professional Make-Up Colors
  • Makeup Routine (Step By Step Guide)
  • Normal Skin Care Regime
  • Product Application Techniques
  • Moustache Maintenance



  • The Importance & Significance of Being Cultured
  • Meet, Greet & Introduce with Confidence
    • Self Introduction / Group Introductions / Third Party Introductions
    • 1 Way vs 2 Way Introductions
  • Handshakes: Cultural nuances and sensitivities


  • What Your Body Language Really Says About YOU
  • The Art of Instant RAPPORT
  • Watch Out Body Signals!
  • Posture, Poise, Elegance & Your Social Class
  • Eye Signals in the business world
  • Space Invaders – Who’s Moving To Whom!


  • Speaking with Confidence – Pause, Pace & Clarity
  • Good/Bad Communication Topics
  • Do’s & Don’ts in Communication
  • The Art of Compliments!
  • Rudeness Be Gone!


  • Importance of Good Body Posture & Discover The Correct Body Posture
  • Ways In Portraying The Correct Stance & Poise
  • Walk, Stand & Sit


  • European vs. American Style Dining
  • Mastering Table Manners & Table Settings
  • Proper use of Cutleries, Crockery and Napkin
  • Table mannerism
  • Seating Arrangement


This unconventional seminar is structured to be lively and interesting as we learn best in moments of enjoyment. It flows with participants’ needs and wants. Course methods will include video clips, demonstrations, role-plays, games and theory.


Wendy Liew’s profile is nothing less than impressive! She is a tenacious styling and imaging talent set on bringing a message of beauty and confidence to the people around her. Profoundly passionate in what she does, Wendy is not only a Certified Image, Style and Color Consultant of The Australian Image Company and International Image Institute in Canada, a Certified Luxury Brand Management & Product Design Consultant from London College of Fashion, a VP Events of Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), an associate member of the Malaysian Association of Brand Image Consultants (MABIC), a Certified Children’s Etiquette Trainer and also a professional make-up & hairstyling instructor, a co-author cum stylist of an image book named “Up Your Value”. Adding up to her newly edition of learning to ensure her excellent value of service to her clients, she is also a Certified Men’s Wear Consultant by the reputable Mr. Ken Aoki, the Director of Tom James, Japan Ltd.

Having been in the industry for years, her travelling experiences and observation of women in fashion gave her the inspiration of owning a label named “Wendy-Joyce” created to make women’ life simpler for any occasion, whether they are a fashion diva or practical dresser. Besides this, she also extends to being an International Licensed Practitioner of NLP™. She was one of the privileged few who were personally trained by Carlsten Cziborr, an acknowledged excellent student of Dr. Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP. On top of that, Wendy’s impressive expertise has brought her to another milestone in her career. She’s currently pursuing her INDUSTRIAL DOCTORATE and expected to be completed by early 2016.

After graduated with a BBA (Hons), UUM before working in finance and management, it wasn’t long before Wendy’s creative side came calling out to her. Taking the big leap into the colorful world of image and style, Wendy has since carved a name for herself in the industry. Together with her professional work ethics, affable charm, and a string of loyal clients, Wendy is now a much sought after and highly trusted consultant in her field. Her previous experience holding leadership positions across a wide range of corporate cultures and currently in the creative industry also gives Wendy an upper hand in making sure she is fully capable in merging the world of image and style with the needs of her clients. As testimony, her resume is replete with her experience in banking, insurance, retailing, and skin care and cosmetics management.

Wendy also has experience as a make-up instructor, image consultant, image coach, fashion stylist, personal shopper, skin care and cosmetics specialist, as well as being an emcee for corporate events held by various multinational companies with her biggest crowd of 10,000 people in Stadium Bukit Jalil in year 2009. What distinguishes Wendy from the other image consultants out there is her ability to incorporate NLP theories and practices into Image; making her approaches more impactful and meaningful. Her image and grooming classes and trainings comes alive with the wonderful combination of ART + SCIENCE. This unique quality of hers makes Wendy a highly sought-after image consultant in the industry, adored by her clients and loved by the public. In addition, Wendy has played vital roles in working closely with Malaysian celebrities endorsing events, numerous fashion & hair shows, seminars, personal workshops, and many more.

Other corporate trainings also include Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), Petronas Holdings Berhad, Sapura Kencana Petroleum Berhad, DRB-HICOM, Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat (SPAD), MPSJ, HSBC, UOB, RHB, CIMB, Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM), MEPS, Etiqa Insurans & Takaful Bhd, Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB), ING, Allianz Bhd, Ministry of Health (MOH), Malaysian Institute of Corporate Governance (MICG), Kemajuan Filem Nasional Malaysia (FINAS), UEM Land Holdings Bhd, TSI Groups, CISCO, Cyberview Sdn Bhd, MSC Technology Sdn Bhd, Perodua Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, Top Glove Sdn Bhd, PEPS – JV (EPMB Group), Proton Bhd, STEC Technologies, Deloitte, Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM), Air Asia, KL Airport Services (KLAS), Malaysian Airlines (MAS), Sunway Medical Centre, Kedah Medical Centre, Darul Ehsan Medical Centre (DEMC), G Hotel, Westin Hotel, Shangri-la Hotel, Grand Continental, Concorde Hotel, The Sunway Hotel, Cititel, MISC Logistics Bhd, MILS Bhd, PKT Logistics, Rapid Penang, Long Rich Holdings, Aviance (Unilever), Nuskin, AVON, Tupperware, Nutrimetics, DCHL, International Medical University (IMU), Taylor’s College, KBU, Cambridge English, University of Malaysia Sabah, Metrojaya, Mattel and etc.

Besides a seemingly endless list of corporate clients, Wendy has also lent her professional consulting skills to various other clients such as politicians, network marketers, doctors, celebrities, housewives, students, professionals, and many more; indicating her flexibility and dexterity in using her skills to encompass a broad spectrum of clients from all walks of life. Wendy has also garnered considerable with media and press appearances in GLAM, Harper’s Bazaar, CLEO, TV9, The Star, Berita Harian, Harian Metro, KOSMO, The Malay Mail, Capital FM etc.

Wendy’s consummate skills have taken her far and wide. Besides Malaysia, she has shared her expertise in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, and Dubai. Always intent on sharing her knowledge and helping bring out the utmost best in her clients, Wendy’s work is born out of her philosophy that one’s image should never be used to cover up who you are but should instead be used as an accessory that brings out your true self and at times, allows one the power to dream and to dare.



  • Certified Image, Style & Color Consultant
  • Certified Luxury Brand Management Consultant
  • Licensed Practitioner of NLP
  • Certified Advance Color Analysis Consultant
  • Certified Asian Flow Color Analysis Consultant
  • Certified Men’s Wear Consultant
  • Certified Children’s Etiquette Trainer
  • Professional Make-up & Hairstyling Artist
  • BBA (Hons) – Majoring Finance


  • VP Event of the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI)
  • Associate Member of Malaysian Association of Brand Image Consultants (MABIC)

Multi-talented/Experienced As A:

  • Certified Image Consultant –
    • To date, she has trained more than 30, 000 corporate people ranging from clerical level all the way to CEOs and the VVIPs of Datos & Datins.
    • Involved in beauty pageantry Image Transformation Project namely the “Miss Petite Southeast Asia 2013.”
    • Actively involving into coordinating and organizing events for Association of Image Consultants International in growing the Image Consultancy Industry.
    • Pursuing Industrial Doctorate In Image & Brand Management to further enhance her skills and expertise in providing higher quality service to her clients.
  •  Professional Certification Trainer –
    • Appointed by Global University of Lifelong Learning (GULL) as an Associate Centre and Trainer in training students in Professional Certification In Image & Styling Consultancy and Professional Advance Diploma In Image Branding & Communication Level.
    • As one of the Trainer of Neuro Science Programming Certification, a program developed by Professor Dr. George Rollei and Dr. Sam Wang, from the Centre of Behavioral NeuroScience.
  • Licensed Practitioner of NLP – Incorporating NLP in trainings and Image
  • Fashion Versatility Designer – Growing her own label named “Wendy Joyce” which has appeared in much local press.
  • Fashion Stylist –
    • As a stylist cum co-author of an image book named “UP YOUR VALUE”.
    • Styled and transformed the most ordinary woman (2012)
  • Professional Make-up & Hairstyling Artist –
    • Make-up artist for Beauty Pageant, Local Celebrities and models in year 2003, 2004 and 2005
    • As a make-up training manager for a listed skin care & cosmetics company in Malaysia 2005
    • Make-up Instructor – Especially for MAS (2003, 2004)
  • Skin Care & Cosmetics Specialist –
    • Speak and train for various events related to skin care & cosmetics – Ed. Pinaud, Estebel, Nutrimetics, Aviance, Evergreen etc
    • Speak for Skin Care & Cosmetics products launching, workshops and talks
    • Develop Skin Care & Cosmetics Products Education Campaign/Program – Ed. Pinaud, Estebel, EVERGREEN, Nutrimetics, Aviance etc
  • Personal Shopper/Wardrobe Consultant – As a personal Image Coach for individuals to have a total transformation in them (Guaranteed Program).
  • Certified Children’s Etiquette Trainer – Involving in children’s training program for Mattel, Cambridge etc.
  • Professional Emcee –
    • Emceed for Product Launching – Ed. Pinaud Singapore & Malaysia
    • Emceed for EP Ambassador Search – Malaysia
    • Emceed for Annual Gala Dinner and R&R – DCHL 2008, 2009 & 2010 (Biggest crowd of 10,000 people in Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil)
    • Emceed for SBY & Associates’ Seminars on Tax & Corporate Review