Cultural Transformation and Change Management Training Malaysia

Applying the key pillars of transformation relies on getting people to believe they CAN create the change they want in their organizational culture. This is the Greater Purpose that everyone can believe in… but the key is in the speed of the results achieved by the Methodology.

Pre Program Survey
On Line Survey which will provide feedback on the level of commitment, pride, performance, communication and openness in the organization

Communication & Interaction
Internal communication material such as corporate video, corporate song, map our management interest, posters, logo or icon, pre program articles


After the discovery and senior management sessions, staff is exposed to the subconscious effects that each of them have on their work culture.

Getting the critical mass of the organization to act as a catalyst for the Organization to adopt and resonate the values of the organization

Key Influencers
The “Key Influencers” are the initiators and they work with their peers and superiors to create their “Identity” and are also exposed to the genetic way their brain processes information, which helps define issues with communication and causes of conflict within the organization or teams.

All this is accomplished in the first 3 “active” days of the organizational change initiative, and it provides the required “BUZZ” that gets things going. To coach a select few to be change ambassadors, equipping them with tools to motivate and energize others to keep the fire burning

Post Program Survey
Map out the critical next steps to ensure the organization takes the right steps at the right time

Combination of expert input, video presentation, relevant activities, brainstorming, group discussion, group & individual challenges. The key is speed of implementation. When people start to identify the root causes of their problems at work and see the real possibility of solving these problems that are preventing them from having more fulfillment and success, they become more motivated, more engaged and they more actively participate in the implementation of the culture change initiative.