Fancy sales pitches, high-powered market strategies & clever advertising can be very important attention getters. They may persuade people to become your prospect. But getting them to purchase your product depends on how well they’re treated, convinced & rewarded which boils down to customer service. This interactive program is a spring board for releasing talent, energy & enthusiasm. Exceptional WOW customer service doesn’t happen by talking about it. It happens by doing it. It happens at every point of contact with the customer – in person, on the phone, in a letter or through email. Customer service relationships often depend on “getting off on the right foot”. Understanding behavioral styles shows you how to recognize different behavior patterns & develop adaptive skills that increase your ability to communicate successfully with customers. This course aims to help you develop a plan that everyone can rally behind so as to balance customer needs with the reality of business operations. There is an urgent need to build a service culture & add value to your current service so that you can keep a service gap between you & the competitors. Spot areas needing immediate improvement.

Customer Service Training by PEAK SUCCESS ABUNDANCE – Practice Session 1

Customer Service Training by PEAK SUCCESS ABUNDANCE – Practice Session 2

Handling Angry Customers by PEAK SUCCESS ABUNDANCE – Practice Session

  • Master the intricacies of successful customer relations management
  • Understand management expectations, customer requirements, urgency for self change
  • Acquire new perspective to be customer centric
  • Evaluate & satisfy customer’s real needs
  • Preparation for a variety of customer relation situations
  • Eliminate mistakes that cost time, money & valuable business
  • Identify & master techniques in service oriented communication – listening & people skills
  • Utilizing EQ techniques to enhance effectiveness & results
  • Handle difficult customers with ease
  • Reduce customer complaints
  • Eliminate stress & frustration
  • Teamwork to surprise, delight, go the extra mile & exceed expectations of customers
  • Maintain trust, confidence & respect: retain & build loyal customers

For all personnel in an organization who wants to improve their customer service skills & achieve success at the workplace


  • Developing the right mental attitude to be a customer driven professional
  • 4 major behavioral styles & profiles – why people behave the way they do
  • Identify your behavior style & personality – Who am I?
  • Identifying your strengths & weaknesses
  • Recognizing & identifying behaviors of those you interact & communicate with
  • How to recognize & get along with the 4 different personalities

Ready, Camera, Action!
Personality Profiling Test 
24 Traits of a Pleasing Personality – Getting People to Like You


  • Principles of customer service
  • The Customer’s Bill of Rights
  • Critical to get customers’ feedback
  • What your customers expect. How customer perceive you, your company, products/services?
  • How the customer thinks. Why customer use our service?
  • How such strategies can be adopted to the company’s advantage
  • Adapt & modify your behavior & service to achieve excellent customer service & increase market share/profitability
  • Delighting your customers by creating world class service

Evaluation: Customers’ Perceptions Of Your Service
Group Discussion & Reflection


  • Service from the heart: little things mean a lot
  • The M.O.T. in every customer contact
  • “Little Extra” & “Go the Extra Mile” – way towards quality customer service
  • Understanding customer emotions & thinking
  • 6 categories of customer service
  • Pesonalized service & behavior to capture customers

Activity: Your Company’s MOT
Video Show: Ways to be Positive Always
Emotional Freedom Technique


  • Positive self motivation
  • Self esteem, self discipline & self image
  • Terminate negative thoughts & beliefs
  • Change self defeating habits & behavior
  • Master Your Mind
  • How to change state within minutes to achieve peak energy & performance

Dyad Experiment: PMA Experiment
Change Physiology. Change Focus & thoughts


  • Reasons for poor or mediocre customer service
  • Essential people skills to build superb customer relationships
  • Learning to relate better with all kinds of people
  • Perception & developing greater empathy
  • How to build instant rapport with customers

Technique on Perceptual Perception
NLP Technique on Rapport Building


  • Communicating in a way that gets results desired
  • Overcoming barriers to communication
  • Expressing appreciation
  • Techniques to improve listening
  • Proper Questioning solves problems
  • Essential body language – it’s also how you say it
  • Increase credibility with positive body language

Activity: Increasing Communication effectiveness
Game: Bomb Aplomb
Listening Test & Activity on Active Listening Skill
Practical Session on Body Language


  • Elements that keep a call pleasant
  • Words & phrases that change your message
  • Providing accurate information over the phone
  • Common pitfalls in telephone conversation

Action Planner: Call to Action!
Video Show on Excellent on Telephone Techniques


  • Why customer turnoff?
  • 3 categories of customer turnoff
  • How to eliminate turnoff?
  • Dealing with common problems
  • Developing checklists & ground rules
  • Retaining customers & maintaining customer loyalty

Activity: Perceptual Position


  • The challenge
  • Check for frustrations
  • How to deal with various ‘difficult’ & hostile customers
  • Moving from ‘follow-the-rules’ to using judgement
  • Secret of success: listen for silent signals
  • Words & phrase to use & not to use
  • How to disarm upset customer
  • Key human relations & people skills to master
  • Ways to get repeat business from satisfied customers

Activity: Role Play Scenario


  • Cooling the customer using D.E.F.U.S.E. technique
  • Dealing constructively with a customer’s anger
  • Working towards positive & win/win outcomes
  • Anger management techniques 

Role Play: Dealing with Difficult & Angry People


  • Don’t take things personally: separate people from issues
  • Increasing your EI while interacting with others
  • Developing high self awareness
  • How low self – awareness can handicap your interpersonal skills
  • 4 phrases you absolutely have to use

Stress Relieving Techniques
Getting rid of negative emotions


Accelerated Learning Technique based on the 4Ps: Preparation, Presentation, Practice, Performance

To make the training effective & thought provoking yet lively & entertaining, the trainer utilizes a combination of various training methodologies including a combination of expert input plus practical sessions including:

  • Instructions, Group Discussions, Presentations, Video Films & Clips
  • Brainstorming Sessions, Practical Hands On Sessions
  • Demonstrations, Role Play, Games & Activities
  • Creative Music, Visualization, Clearing Techniques
  • NLP Tools, Notes & Hand Outs, Group & Individual Exercises


She has been an independent corporate training consultant since 1993. She has a unique background in management, finance and banking. The past twenty-two years she has conducted training in management development, communication and image management which has earned her excellent feedback from participants due to her fun and engaging training style.

Ms. Hashim pursued I.C.S.A. in ITM (1980-1984) where she was offered a scholarship by the former BBMB. She then worked for more than eight years in operations and training with the Bank. It was during this time that she obtained a Certificate in Training & Development (ITD, U.K.) and attended the Diploma course in Training Management. She also attended the consultancy program “Loyalty Management” in Oslo, Norway where she learned about strategies on creating a customer loyalty culture. Hamidah is a PSMB/HRDF-recognized trainer.

Her training experience includes conducting numerous public seminars in areas of Communication, Corporate Image and Customer Service. She has also conducted many in-house programs for multinational companies (such as IBM, Panasonic, HSBC), Malaysian companies, higher learning institutions/universities as well as government agencies in Malaysia and Brunei.

Ms. Hashim’s forte is in personal skills which include Customer Service, Communication, Corporate Image and Train-the-Trainer. Hamidah has also appeared on RTM’s “Selamat Pagi Malaysia” to speak on topics like Personal Change and Communication Skills. In Image Management; Hamidah has had the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry; Robert Pante, a renowned image consultant from the US and an Australian color consultant. A firm believer in continuous improvement (kaizen), Hamidah regularly attends courses to enhance her knowledge and skills as a professional trainer.

Her other training experience includes; being  an active volunteer and was a board member with AFS/ABM International & Intercultural programs where she conducts workshops on cross-cultural learning for Malaysian families and foreign students.  She has also made a presentation on ‘cross-cultural adaptation skills’ in Dunedin, New Zealand for an international conference attended by participants in the Pacific region.

Among the organizations that had enjoyed Hamidah’s in-hou­­­se programs are as follows:

  • Ambank – Corporate Image & Etiquette
  • IBM (Global Services) – Customer Service, and Corporate Image
  • Celcom – Professional Grooming
  • CIMB (Secretaries) – Corporate Image & Etiquette
  • Sunway Group – Interpersonal Skills
  • Monash University – Grooming for Interviews
  • Bank Simpanan Nasional – Customer Service, and Corporate Image
  • Asian Finance Bank – Customer Service
  • Kuwait Finance House – Customer Service, and Corporate Image
  • Bank Islam – Customer Service
  • Panasonic – Team Synergy, and Interpersonal Skills
  • Petronas Penapisan – Corporate Image & Etiquette
  • MTDC – Corporate Image & Etiquette
  • Burger King – Customer Service
  • Hotel Maluri – Customer Service, and Corporate Image
  • Proton Edar – Corporate Image & Etiquette
  • NAZA Motors – Corporate Image & Etiquette
  • Securities Commission – Corporate Image & Etiquette
  • Telekom – Corporate Image & Etiquette
  • TNB – Customer Service
  • UMMC – Customer Service
  • LITRAK (LDP & Sprint) – Customer Service
  • PTPTN – Customer Service, and Corporate Image
  • S.P.A.D – Customer Service
  • SPNB – Customer Service
  • PSMB – Customer Service
  • MARA – Presentation Skills
  • AFS – Presentation Skills, & Counseling Skills
  • Istana Budaya – Corporate Image & Etiquette
  • Khazanah Nasional – Time Management
  • Kementerian Kerja Raya – Corporate Image & Etiquette
  • Kem. Pembangunan Wanita – Interpersonal Skills, & Grooming
  • Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi – Interpersonal Skills
  • PDRM (Bukit Aman) – Train-the-Trainer, Team Synergy & Understanding Body Language
  • HSBC (Sales Division) – Go the Extra Mile