Automation is the buzz word in today’s corporate world. Whether it is manufacturing industry or the service industry, all businesses are aiming to reduce the human element for critical processes and tasks to improve efficiency and output.

As a finance aspirant, you will see this trend in finance companies as well. Calculators are replaced by laptops, ledgers are replaced by spreadsheets and hard bound documented financial models are replaced by dashboards.

Excel comes with the most astonishing tools when it comes to financial modeling. Explore the options in order to fully utilize the potential offering in excel. There are so many commands and functions which, not many people know, but are embedded in Excel and can yield excellent results if utilized properly.

This course offers quick tips to improve functionality, spreadsheet formatting, data searching and calculations amongst large data sets within Excel. The training will provide an introduction to data analysis, reporting tools, data manipulation and searching, plus an insight into simple automation of tasks using macros and VBA programming.

Certification by PEAK SUCCESS ABUNDANCE – Graduates Your Colleagues

Certification by PEAK SUCCESS ABUNDANCE – With Thanks

Congratulations on Completing the Training by PEAK SUCCESS ABUNDANCE

At the end of this course, you will learn to:

  • Grasp the steps in Macro Recording
  • Uncover the syntax behind VBA codes
  • Solve the dilemma of reading future codes, when the need arises
  • Automate spreadsheets, plus generate reports with VBA codes
  • Successfully interact with users via UserForms

Financial Executives, Accountants, Managers, Financial Controllers


  • Steps in recording macros
  • Why Macros are not working?
  • Opening Macros in Excel 2010


  • VBE settings
  • Object Browser
  • Stepping through the codes
  • The use of Immediate Window
  • Understand the VBA syntax
  • Range and Cell References
  • Use of Variables

Challenge 1: Create Simple Report Format


  • If …Then / If …Then…Else / Select Case – Loops
  • For …Next / Legacy Loops
  • Exercise: Repeat the tasks Day 2


  • Create worksheets and workbooks from the Source Data
  • Combining workbooks

Challenge 2: Combining Master Budget For Different Departments


  • Creating a Userform
  • Programming the Userform
  • Getting a File Name

Challenge 3: Automation Of Financial Reporting (Putting All Together – Best Practice – Faster Code)


Please bring your laptop, hands-on practical sessions. Highly practical, easy to understand/apply with demonstrations, question & answer session, discussion, presentation, relevant exercise, revision sessions for total complete understanding


Joanna Kok Yee Lan is a certified PSMB Trainer & certified MIM Trainer. She is also a Certified Accountant. She has conducted many trainings on various areas & aspects of finance including topics on Finance For Non Financial Executives, Budget Planning & Control, Financial Planning & Control, Evaluating Financial Statements, Financial Analysis, Preparing Full Set Of Accounts.

Joanna who graduated as a certified accountant (FCCA) from United Kingdom, also has 8 years experience in audit, manufacturing & investment holding businesses. She has accumulated vast, hands-on working experiences in strategic, organizational analysis & planning. The role as Financial Controller has best utilized her managerial, operational experience & financial analysis skills. She stepped up the controls in the area of credit, inventory & business processes that had generated millions of cash inflow and cost savings to the businesses. Her 3 years experience in China of setting up the joint venture business has added her strengths on business & financial controlling skills.

Currently, Joanna is a freelance technical & training consultant. She speaks on MASB standards & accounting and audit issues regularly and extensively throughout Malaysia for both MIA (Malaysian Institute of Accountants), ACCA and CPA Australia. In addition, she also conducts technical in-house training on accounting issues for commercial companies and training institutions.

Her exposure & passion in people development enhance the quality of training & making each one of them unique and experiential. Her fun & energetic personality has made her training sessions practical, high learning spirit & performance orientated. Along with that she has completed the Train the Trainer Program conducted by PSMB & MIM.

Her assertiveness & resourcefulness has driven her venturing into training and consultancy fields. She has conducted many trainings on financial for non-finance executives, project management, inventory management & finance related topics. Her financial, analytical and controlling experiences have actually contributed greatly to making the training sessions very practical & performance orientated.

Her exposure & passion in people development enhance the quality of training and making each one of them unique and experiential.

Joanna always receives excellent ratings & comments from the participants she trained in. This is because she is able to take a complex subject like finance & accounting and is able to make it easy for participants to understand. She is able to make the training enjoyable, captivating & interesting while imparting her extensive knowledge on finance & financial matters. She uses lots of case examples, case studies, exercises, activities, group discussions & brainstorming sessions to make sure participants understand what is being taught.

Her Training Topics include:

  • Finance Analysis & Planning
  • Finance for Non Financial Executives
  • Inventory Management
  • Financial Wisdom in Interpreting KPIs
  • Working Smart with Excel
  • Effective Budget Planning & Control Using Excel
  • Application of Microsoft Project
  • Basic Project Management
  • Credit Management
  • Targeted Selection

Her List of Clientele includes:

  • ASMC (MBA Program)
  • Telekom Bhd
  • Padibernas Nasional Bhd (Bernas)
  • IBM China
  • Logistik Konsortium Bhd
  • PJ Bumi Bhd
  • Sime Darby Bhd
  • Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd
  • University of International Agama Malaysia
  • Hualon Group
  • Selangor Human Resource Development Centre (SHRDC)
  • Iverson
  • Syncoates Sdn Bhd
  • Infineon Technologies (Kulim) Sdn Bhd
  • Utusan Malaysia