Obtain a solid framework, tools, techniques and skills to negotiate the outcome desired by effectively navigating the negotiation process from preparation stage to successful commitment.

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For public program: 19 – 20 September 2017 * Seri Pacific Hotel KL

Course fees: RM1600 per participant

For 3 and above from the same company, fees is RM1500 per participant

  • Do you usually avoid negotiations because you find them uncomfortable?
  • Do you spend long nights wide awake when you have to climb out of bed the next morning before sunrise to negotiate one thing or another?
  • Do lots of your negotiations bring about misunderstandings rather than new worthwhile enterprises?
  • Have you ever dreamed that you could fly through a deal without being seen as hostile or overconfident?

If your response to the majority of these questions is YES, then you need a ‘helping hand’, and if you attempt to focus on these next useful points, you’ll find that negotiating is as ‘easy as pie’.

It’s usually the variety of expectations, emotions and strategies involved that really applies the pressure to the negotiator, which easily can – and often does, steer the process in the wrong direction.

Negotiation Skills Training by PEAK SUCCESS ABUNDANCE – Are You Kidding Me

Negotiation Skills by PEAK SUCCESS ABUNDANCE – Bargaining Process

Certification by PEAK SUCCESS ABUNDANCE – With Thanks

  • Become a more effective negotiator by developing your “tool kit” of negotiation tactics and strategies
  • Learn tactics that work in the real world
  • Master persuasiveness and influence in negotiation
  • Establish and build instant rapport with the other party
  • Ensure you do not lose out in any business dealings
  • Learn to get what you want without generating bad feelings
  • Turn objections into business agreements
  • Evaluate your level of confidence and preparation – always know if the other side is telling the truth
  • Find out how to avoid giving away too much
  • Analyze and improve so as to arrive at win-win negotiating outcomes
  • Master key negotiation techniques required for business success
  • Be able to practice tactics to prevent & break deadlocks
  • Learn some of the key negotiation tactics & strategies that top negotiators employ in their business dealings

All senior managers and anyone who needs to solve their day-to-day work and business matters


  • Assessment: evaluate your strengths and weakness as a negotiator
  • Assess your personality, behavior and style of working
  • Understanding strategic negotiations and deal making
  • 3 components and 4-stage process of negotiation
  • Set objectives and goals – be very clear what you intend to achieve

Personality Profiling: Give You an Edge and to Build Powerful Relationships
Assessment of Strengths and Weaknesses
Video Clip on Negotiation – Discussion and Lessons Learnt
Factors to Keep in Mind during Preparation


  • Understanding how persuasion works
  • Mastering persuasive language patterns to get what you ask for
  • Key logical steps to follow and use
  • Essential sequencing for effective persuasion
  • How to avoid resistance and sustain influence

Influence Game – Demonstrating the Power of Persuasion


  • Key ingredients of the win-win negotiation: content, atmosphere, power balance and procedures
  • What information to gather and how to go about it
  • Impact of timing, location and seating arrangement
  • How to influence the climate of negotiation to your favor
  • Consider solutions, strategy alternatives and the balance of power

1st Negotiation Activity: Developing Strategies Before Your Negotiation


  • The secrets that no book or university will teach you!! Learn them all here
  • Tactics you have to know to minimize and overcome deadlocks
  • Dealing with bluffing, manipulation and dirty tricks
  • Planning and using questions
  • Words and language that could swing the deal for you
  • Improving your active listening skills
  • Talking your way out of difficult/win-lose situations
  • Applying a 6-step process to negotiating conflict
  • Influencing through the other person’s strategy

Role-Playing Conflict Resolution and Mitigation
Activity: Use Of Tactics


  • Assess yours and your opponent’s style, tactics and strategies
  • Practical tactics to avoid being “steamrolled” by the other party
  • Conflict styles and their effects: win-win, win-lose, lose-lose negotiation
  • Tools and rules to move negotiations in the right direction to achieve your goals
  • Applying convincing strategies
  • Match style I tactics to the issues
    • master the 4-step process towards win-win
    • how to control impulsiveness
    • how to save face-on both sides
    • how to benefit from the win-win approach

2nd Negotiation Activity – Strategies & Preparations (Case Study)
Win/Lose Negotiation: XY Game
Exercise: Tactics and Strategies Used by Top Negotiators


  • The process – the 4 steps of bargaining and planning to deal
  • Anticipating possible objections and rejections
  • Techniques to influence, persuade, impress and create impact
  • Questioning technique and the art of asking for what you want
  • Motivate and engage by reframing ideas and concepts
  • Increase power using a strong WATNA and BATNA position

3rd Negotiation Activity: Strategic Negotiation and Deal Making (Case Study 2)


  • Leverage and maximize your strengths
  • What is the best way to negotiate with different types of personality/behavior
  • Establishing rapport – leading and pacing the other party
  • Connecting with others through subtle influencing
  • Anchoring yourself to your preferred mental state
  • Developing the stamina to persevere and not lose steam in long negotiation
  • Escalating and de-escalating behavior

Exercise & Role-Play: Stamina Gym for The Negotiators 
Rapport Building: Mirroring and Matching, Pacing and Leading


  • Maintaining composure & confidence
  • Eliminating negative emotions
  • Preventing provocations and conflicts in both sides
  • Dealing with situation where power is in the hand of the other party
  • The 8 primary emotional appeals
  • 4 most positive emotion that will compel a person to strive for & to achieve
  • 2 most negative emotions that will compel a person to try and avoid
  • 15 most persuasive words that will drive a person to make a commitment

Role Play – Emotion Management Skills for Negotiators


  • Calculating risks and caution
  • Break self-defeating behavior patterns
  • Using subliminal and mind mastery techniques
  • How to condition and program your mind to get the deal
  • How to master your mind to ensure negotiation success

Mind Mastery Techniques to Blow You Away!!

Participants will team up in groups of 3-4 & they will be given 2 hours to negotiate the best. This will be a test of Strategy, Preparation, Stamina, Tactics and Ability to Maneuver Through Various Challenges to Develop a Win-Win Situation.


In this Experiential program, we adopt a coaching and facilitative approach through interactive workshops, self-assessments, group activities and simulations. It is very important to engage the participants in reviewing their own outcome and so the activities are designed to illustrate key issues that the participants are facing in Selling. The entire program is highly interactive. This will ensure the entire group has ample opportunity to learn and absorb the lessons with lots of activities and reviews to encourage application and integration of the appropriate values.


G K Lim (a.k.a. Sawadpong Limtrakul) is President of HRD Gateway, a 40,000-member international non-profit organization dedicated to excellence in human resource management. He is also a training consultant in the area of talent / personal strengths management, negotiation, persuasion and influencing skills, 360-degree Level-5 leadership skills for managers, whole-brain intuitive management skills, mindfulness-based stress reduction, and mind/intuition enhancement.

He holds an MBA from American Heritage University of Southern California, and currently working for his DBA from Ifugao State University, Philippines.

G K Lim has had consulting and training assignments in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, United Arab Emirates, and China, and has appeared on TV2 (KL), TVM (Maldives), UNTV (Manila) and RPN9 (Manila).

He is……

  • Certified Silva Method Instructor
  • Regional Coordinator, Association For Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP)
  • Fellow of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management
  • Approved CMSI Sales Personnel Certification Advisor & Instructor
  • ISO Certified In Marketing & Sales (ISO CMS 991182)
  • Certified e-Business Associate (EC-Council)
  • Certified EC-Council Instructor
  • Certified Herrmann Brain Dominance Instructor
  • Certified Competency-Based Training & Education Instructor
  • Accredited Facilitator, Accelerated Entrepreneurs Development Program
  • Associate, Profiles International
  • Process Implementation Specialist, SMI
  • Usui Reiki Teacher Master
  • NLP practitioner
  • Founding Member, International Association of Coaches
  • President, HRD Gateway

A partial list of in-house training clients include: ABB Ltd, Bangkok; Acer; Aesculap Surgical Industries; Alue Co Ltd, Tokyo; AON Vietnam; ANZ Bank Hanoi; Alcatel; Ascott KL; Bristol-Myers Squibb; Cadbury Trebor; Canon; Citibank; Cititel; Community Services of Bangkok; Datacard Group USA; Dell; Dimerco Bangkok; Dexion; DHL; DiGi; Endress+Hauser; Euromedical; ExxonMobil; Favelle Favco Crane; Flextronics; GE Toshiba Silicones; HAVI Food Services (Thailand); Holcim Vietnam; Ishajaya Tech Brunei; ITTM Sri Lanka; Inst. of Management Sri Lanka; Intel; IQPC; Oil & Gas Dubai; JobsDB Singapore; Komag USA; Landmark Graphics; Lyreco; Maersk Medical; Maybank; Malaysia LNG; MISC; Materialise; Maxis; Merck; Microsoft Thailand; Mitsui-O.S.K. Lines; NEC; NZ Milk; Nokia Siemens; Nordberg China Beijing; Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp NJ; O’Connor’s; Panasonic; Petronas; Tara Prima Megah Bandung; Public Bank; Royal Selangor; Roche; Samsung Corning; Samsung India; Selayang Hospital; Shell ITI; Shell Malaysia; Sime Darby; Singapore Institute of Management; Swinburne U. Sarawak; Takashima Family Club Indonesia; Ta’aheel FZ Dubai; TAR UC; Training Associates Bangkok; Tuanku Jaafar Power Station; Wearne Brothers; Xepa-Soul Pattinson; Yeo Hiap Seng; Yves Rocher; Zuellig Pharma



Steven is a professional trainer with extensive experience in leadership development, strategic management, sales coaching and public speaking.

A lawyer by profession, he discovers passion in training and coaching others to accelerate and discover hidden potentials. Actively delivering programs for corporate sectors in last 16 years, Steven has developed more than 200 fully customized training projects for diversified corporations, ranging from SMEs to MNCs. Noticeable corporations are such as 3M, AirAsia, Amway, DKSH, Gardenia Bakeries, Habib Jewel, Hitachi, IPay88, Kimgres, Maybank, Motorola, NuSkin, Naza, Public Bank, Spritzer, Scholastics, Tiong Nam, UKM, Yamaha and lately Proton.

Prior to training, Steven worked in several industries, namely manufacturing, shipping and education services. Started as human resources practitioner, he has broadened his exposures to cover sales, marketing, program management as well branch management. From HR Executive in Hewlett-Packard, he worked himself up to become Human Resources Manager for Pohmay Craft Sdn. Bhd. (wholly-owned subsidiary of Pohmay Holdings Berhad), at young age of 24 years old.

Certified by International Professional Managers Association, UK in year 2006, Steven is an accredited trainer with Human Resources Development Fund, Malaysia and been awarded a Distinguished Toastmaster title.

Recently, Steven conducted face-to-face reinforcement training session (a.k.a. Mini MBA) for a group of senior managers, leading towards their certification as Certified Professional Manager via online study program.



  • Certified Master Performance Coach (ICF Approved – International Coach Federation)
  • From DC Psychology International and American Institute of Business Psychology
    • Certification in Colored Brain Communication
    • Certification in Human Drivers and Motivation
    • Certification in Dynamic Speaking
    • Certification in Curriculum Development
  • Certified Trainer in Emotional Quotient
  • Certified Trainer PSMB (Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia)
  • Certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Certification in Hypnotherapy from London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH)
  • Attended course on Clinton Swaine’s Experiential Training “Play To Win”, Silva Life System in Mind Development & Stress Control. Also attended courses on Mind Mastery, Laws Of Attraction, Napoleon Hill’s Principles Of Success, Emotion Through Sound & Movement, Breakthrough Program by Asiaworks, Communication by Landmark Forum, Money and You, Creativity, Problem Solving, Grooming and Etiquette, Accelerated Learning Techniques, Sales and Marketing, Digital Marketing, etc

With more than 16 years in corporate training, Rachel Khor is currently the Principal Trainer and Chief Learning Strategist with Peak Success Abundance Sdn Bhd as well as an experienced entrepreneur and businesswoman.

Rachel Khor is also a Master Trainer in Successful Selling Skills, Negotiate To Win, Influencing and Persuasion Skills, Creativity/Thinking Outside The Box, Problem Solving, Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Drivers, Change Management, Leadership, Communication, People Skills, Handling Difficult People, Peak Performance, Goal Setting, Positive Work Attitude, Success Tools, Colored Brain, Master Your Mind. She has also undertaken training, consultancy and facilitation projects with various companies, both private and public sectors. She is a sought after Learning and Development Strategist, People Developer, Trainer, Coach and Mentor.

She has conducted SUCCESSFUL SELLLING SKILLS (CREATING SALES WARRIORS) & NEGOTIATION courses both as public seminars and as in house workshops. Her in house clients include: Export Academy Malaysia, HSBC Bank, MIMOS, Ambank Assurance, Merck, White Horse Ceramic, KKIP (Sabah), YLI Industry, Petronas Dagangan, Munchys, Subang Medical Centre, Yeo Hiap Seng, Selangor Dredging, Worldwide Holdings, Eastin Hotel, Kenzen, Naza, UEM, etc

Her training and coaching incorporate effective evaluation methods, powerful techniques of varied disciplines & practical tools for all her learning solutions. Driven by a passion for delivering awesomeness, she ensures she execute cutting edge learning technologies, share highly relevant knowledge, provide critical and up to date information, deliver time tested methodologies & conduct interactive sessions – all are formulated to achieve results like never before.

Her determination and speed in producing training solutions is one of the key reasons our clients keep coming back to her.  Her research, knowledge and experience made Rachel Khor in the front line within her profession. She loves people development – during her high impact training sessions she is dynamic, dedicated and results driven. She utilizes Accelerated Training methodologies to inspire change & fast results.

She trains with her personal brand of positivity, charisma, creativity and focus which greatly motivates her participants to achieve greater heights of achievement & accomplishment. Participants have described her sessions as inspiring, thought provoking, energetic, highly interactive and easy to understand.

During her sessions, her ability to be neutral, non-judgmental, supporting the group and upholding its wisdom has allowed her to effectively extract participation in a magical way. She has presented papers in various national events, seminars including speaking at PSMB Forum & CEO Forum and was rated highly by both the audiences and the organizers.

Based on the belief that every individual has a core genius and the ability to soar given the right opportunities; Rachel’s training methodology breaks limiting beliefs, overcomes obstacles and cultivates trust across cultures.

She is also able to provide psychometric profiling, competency profiling and identifying learning needs. Her methods follow S.M.A.R.T.I.E.S. principle – specific, measurable, achievable, rewarding, tracked/timeliness, inspiring, excellence/emotional, small steps; aligned to business needs while strengthening organization’s capability and vision.

She has been running her own company since 1992 focusing on organizing, promoting and hosting international conventions with leading learning specialists and consultants from around the globe. She received her training in USA, UK, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.

She has trained under the world famous Millionaire Mindset trainer, T Harv Eker(Master Your Mind and Business Guerilla). She has also trained under Blair Singer for Sales Dog Training, Powerful Sales Presentations and Train the Trainer. She is a keen practitioner of Mind Mapping and Mind Power. She has attended the training of some of the best world class trainers, business gurus & leading coaches including Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Blair Singer, Harv Eker, John Maxwell, Jay Abraham, Joel Roberts (communication guru), Dr Joe Vitale, Jose Silva, Burt Goldman, among many others.

Rachel is an extremely dynamic, knowledgeable and versatile trainer who has excellent communication skills and easily develop fantastic rapport with her participants. Due to this she always receives rave reviews and excellent ratings. She achieves this by ensuring her training is relevant, result oriented, solution based – made fresh with new ideas, strategies and techniques.


She has trained many executives and managers from various industries and multinationals, bringing to them the latest tools and methods to excel. Rachel’s strongest point is her ability to bring out the best in every participant. Her Unique Selling Point is her innovative, practical approach to training and her ability to make the training unique, enjoyable yet rewarding. What she teaches can be applied back at the office. She mixes no nonsense pragmatic information with creative mind power and mindset changing strategies to make her courses relevant and results oriented.


Petronas, Shell, BNM, Kementerian Kewangan, Ambank, UOB, HSBC, Exim Bank, Danajamin, Pan Malaysia Pools, Msian Reinsurance, Tokio Marine, ACE, Aneka Insurance, MII, Agilent, Ansell, Bristol, Sime Tyre, Dell, Emhart Glass, Kotak, Infineon, Impressive Edge, Kanzen, Merck, Mimos, MRCB, Selangor Industrial Corporation, Samsung, Munchys, Scenic Moulding, Kossan Rubber, LG Aluminium, Royal Selangor, SIRIM, Tencate, Takeuzi, Totokiki, Toshiba, Niro Ceramic, White Horse Ceramic, MAS, Msian Airport, KLAS Airport Services, PTP, Westport, Johor Port, TNB, Telekom, Maxis, Sunrise, SP Setia, Selangor Dredging, Worldwide Holdings, IOI, Genting, Hotel Equatorial, Eastin Hotel, Saujana Resort, Subang Medical Centre, Msian Export Academy, Yeo Hiap Seng, UEM Group, FMM, UEM, Naza, Open University, UKM, UM, DBKL, PNB, government sectors, etc


1. Kevin Gillick, Datacard Group, West Minnetonka, MN
“Thank you again for doing a wonderful job with our sales team. We appreciate it very much. As Rob and I mentioned to you in our Saturday lunch meeting, our sales channels see themselves as being professional. In other regions of the world we found that the survey feedback ranged from neutral to negative. In your case, the response was much more positive than we experienced in other parts of the world, and with other trainers. Of the 60 delegates that attended, only 35 delegates completed the survey before leaving the meetings. The breakout for your section is as follows: Fair – 9; Good – 24; Excellent – 2. In summary, 26 out of 35 thought the program was good to excellent. Thank you for doing your part. I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and hope the opportunity presents itself again. You are a true professional”

2. Jayadeva de Silva, HumanTalents Unlimited
“GK Lim is one of the best persuasion psychologists in Asia. He is a much sought after trainer in Malaysia and neighboring countries as he uses his knowledge and experience accumulated over 3 decades in order to give the best to his clients. He was invited to Sri Lanka, my native country, to conduct his flagship training programs by Sri Lankan event organizers after they had heard of his success in Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, China, India, Maldives, and UAE. His success can be also attributed to his very own presentation style and mastery of language which had been commended by many of his contemporaries worldwide”

3. Toh Siew Pat, Head of HR & Admin., SWM Environment Sdn Bhd
“I find his presentations very well structured, full of practical/down to earth ideas and easy to understand. He shares his experience freely and often gets excellent evaluations from course participants. In fact, when GK conducted his training for my company’s sales & marketing team, his experience and ideas were well received by the participants”

4. Lily C.L. Lau, Culture Synergy Cultivator, Certified Trainer, Speaker, Principal Consultant, Culture Dynamics
“GK Lim specializes in sales, negotiation & leadership training programs. His programs are lively, effective and humorous. You will never be bored in his session and you will get valuable takeaways. Recommend to anyone looking to do such topics of training”

5. Irene Lum, Conference Development Manager, Asia Business Forum
“We received very favorable feedback from the delegates’ appraisal of the Conference and I am pleased to inform you that your individual rating, as a speaker for your presentation on “Relationship Between Managers and Talented Employees” is “Excellent” We have no doubt that your participation had contributed to the success of the Conference”

6. Stanley Cham, Entrepreneur, Oneness Training & Coaching
“I have known G K for since 1986 and have been working with him together on training projects. G K is a person of vast knowledge and practical experience, and is a very pragmatic trainer. He always strives to ensures that the training objectives are met while at the same time promote fun and liveliness in his training. He is creative and vibrant in his training delivery”

7. Leslie Weed-Fonner, Coordinator, Community Services of Bangkok
“On behalf of Community Services of Bangkok, I want to thank you for the three “Winning Strategies” seminars you have presented since January. The response to this seminar has been very positive by both the foreign and Thai participants. This is indeed a worthy contribution to the English-speaking persons in Bangkok”

8. Koh Chee Kean, GM, Wearne Brothers (1983) Sdn Bhd
“We are very pleased to have you lead the seminar “Winning Strategies For That Competitive Edge” to our sales personnel. The participants thought the program was very educational, enlightening and interesting and particularly, the newcomers to the Company reported that the seminar was an eye-opener and you were able to furnish them with the ‘edge’ to improve their job performance. We extend to you our thanks and appreciation”

9. K K Lim, General Manager (KM 1 – Operations), Komag USA (M) Sdn Bhd
“Thank you very much for your participation in the recent Komag Career Fair. You have given a very impressive performance and the audience found your talk interesting and motivating. I found that you are able to reach out and build a good rapport with the audience instantaneously and had them drawn to you, paying close attention throughout your talk. Although you are an external person to Komag, you are quick to understand the purpose and objective of the Career Fair. You aligned your talk to the theme of the fair “Creating Your Future” very well. Your talk was a good warming-up to the presentation on Career Pathing, a matter viewed and taken seriously by all Komag employees”

10. C A Ooi, GM, Chemopharm Sdn Bhd
“We have engaged Mr G K Lim to hold a motivational course, “Winning Is Easier Than Failing.” We all agreed that Mr Lim is able to convey messages across the participants in a simple and easily understandable way. He managed to built up a good rapport across the audience and is very responsive to all the questions raised during the session. We are convinced that the course is beneficial to our company”

11. Michele Blood, MusiVation, La Jolla, CA
“I have had the honor and privilege of sharing the seminar platform with many of the world’s greatest speakers including Bob Proctor, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Stuart Wilde, Dottie Walters and others. I count Mr. G.K. Lim amongst this group and I am doubly blessed to call him friend. I have personally done three seminars with Mr. G.K. Lim and found him absolute world class. It is very important to me when I do seminars in different countries to work with the countries’ best in matters of “Success, “The mind,” and “Sales,” and Mr. Lim has proved to be fantastic. He has all of the international qualities whilst still being able to communicate with his fellow Asians from newcomers to C.E.O’s. Any company would find their sales and productivity greatly increased after experiencing G.K. Lim”

12. Fong Muntoh, Assistant Human Resource Manager, Reliance Pacific Berhad
“Thank you and congratulations on a great presentation!! Your presentation on “How to Thrive on Stress” were inspiring, humorous and most important of all informative. It touched home base and our hearts. We must really comment on your ability to handle crowds of all levels. Feedbacks from our directors, senior managers and middle management staff were more than impressive. You helped them to accept your message rather than driving home the point. Making it personal for them too, made the topic so refreshing”

13. K K Chan, Manager, Sime Alexander Forbes
“Good job done. Interesting, helpful, practical. Trainer is very experienced. A good presenter. Used real life examples”

14. A Raj, Executive, Assoc. Motor Industries
“Trainer is excellent. Good team work. Good participation. Relates well to audience. Pace is quick”

15. Des Fitzgerald, Managing Director, Oak Training Ltd
“I have known G K Lim since 2003, during the early days of HRD Gateway, a 40,000-member international NGO dedicated to excellence in HRD/HRM. We would often discuss how HRD Gateway could grow and how Oak Training could help HRD Gateway members. GK contributed articles of interest to trainers and HR specialists, and these were published the Oak Training site. G K Lim has spent over three decades in the training profession, as a training specialist in the area of sales, negotiation, managerial leadership and stress management. I highly recommend him to those in need of services that he provides. An inspirational talent that adds so much value to everything that he gets involved with”

16. Lecturers, Administrators and Heads of Divisions of TAR College

  • “Lively presentations. Useful tricks and methods with real life examples. Experienced presenter. This is the type of presenter who is favored, rather than those PhD holders with vague knowledge who do not accept comments / ideas / opinion from others. Frankly, this is high rated workshop in my opinion”
  • “Mr G K Lim turned this “boring topic” into an interesting workshop. Good job!”
  • “Good and interesting workshop! GK is an experienced facilitator”
  • “Useful for communication skills, practical methods with example are given. Excellent. Very practical”
  • “Easy to understand, with interesting examples”
  • “The program is practical and it’s applicable in all situations whether we are in product sales or education business. The sales approaches, closing techniques and ways to handling objections shared by the facilitator are very helpful and beneficial. What we need to do is to adapt them into the education industry”
  • “Can apply the principles learnt in the workplace and personal life”
  • “Informative workshop, good interaction, met objectives”