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For public program: 9 – 10 / 21 – 22 August 2017 * Seri Pacific Hotel KL

Course fees: RM1600 per participant

For 3 and above from the same company, fees is RM1500 per participant

It’s getting harder & harder to get people to buy in this economy. People today have less money, less credit & more general buying anxiety. To thrive in sales today, you don’t need to be good at convincing people to buy. You need to be great at inspiring people to buy. We all know someone with the “Midas Touch,” who will always make money regardless of the market or economy. What’s the difference with these sales “superheroes”?

Sales is a very competitive profession & NLP can be used to give a sales professional an extra edge. NLP can be used to make a dramatic difference to your sales conversions.

In NLP there are many different strategies, processes & techniques that you can use that will allow people to become more responsive. In a sales context having specific processes to build the responsiveness of your prospect including anticipation & excitement over either the product or the results the product can bring would be useful to any sales professional.

NLP is the same technique used by Tony Robbins, Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy, Frank Kern, Joel Bauer, Eric Lofholm, Duane Lakin, Zig Ziglar to teach others.

The NLP Sales Process will help you make sales faster & easier, dramatically increasing your closing ratio & turning your clients into raving fans. What that means is, anyone can learn to be excellent at sales, from newbies to seasoned pros – everyone can benefit from this program.

This is NOT Your Typical Sales Training!

Sales Training by PEAK SUCCESS ABUNDANCE – Game of Persuasion

Sales Training by PEAK SUCCESS ABUNDANCE – Prospecting Game

Sales Training by PEAK SUCCESS ABUNDANCE – Sales Presentation

Sales Training by PEAK SUCCESS ABUNDANCE – Testimonial

By the end of the program, participants should be able to:

  • Realize your personal potential & start charging forward for success
  • Develop impact style & create a persona to captivate audiences
  • Create richer internal representations to evoke positive responses from people
  • Understand what drives/motivates people
  • Strengthen the beliefs of a great salesperson & create comfort bubble to shield negatives (by smashing through your own limiting beliefs & constructing rich, bulletproof ones!)
  • Grease the wheels of persuasion – turn any problem into an opportunity to reduce objection & convert it into your advantage
  • Apply various NLP techniques to mental prepare yourselves to handle sales tasks
  • Build deep rapport & speak to people’s unconscious wants/needs
  • Master the technique of internal representational system & embedded commands
  • Develop sensory acuity towards customer’s emotions
  • Apply powerful ‘close’ even with the most negative customer

All sales professionals, telesales professionals, marketing professionals, telemarketing professionals, business development professionals and all who are interested to improve their sales


  • NLP changing mindset – shifting paradigm or just be yourself
  • Evaluate the impact on visual & emotional appearances
  • Mental & physical preparation
  • Develop a credible personality that customers will love
  • Impress through projecting your image as a trustworthy business partner

The Prospecting Game


  • Learn how to survive in buyer’s market
  • Find your values in life & align with your career goals
  • Define your Intention before setting your goals
  • Model the best sales people to succeed
  • Customer ‘face off’: NLP – Emotions Synchronization
  • Building failure defense
  • Draw your unique road map to chart your future

Activity: The Sales Challenge

Modeled exclusively from successful sales people, this simple, fool-proof process will light your sales on fire! The powerful model & techniques will transform you into a sales hero!

  • Establish Rapport
  • Ask Questions
  • Find A Need
  • Link the Need or Value to Your Product/Service
  • Handle Objections & Close


  • Learn how to gain deep, unconscious, irresistible rapport – this ability is what sets most top achievers apart in sales
  • Be the solution not the problem
  • Apply techniques using physiology, vocal tonality & words
  • Read body language to influence, persuade subtly & send subliminal message ‘you can trust me, I am genuine’
  • Learn to ‘serve & service’ rather than ‘kill’ for a sale
  • Strategies to seal the deal at the rapport building stage
  • Why should customer listen to you when you stop or meet them?

Practice Session: Birds Of The Same Feather Flock Together – Rapport Building, Visual Acuity, Body Mirroring, Sandwich Feedback


  • Sharpen your questioning skills – S.T.A.R. Questioning Model
  • Seeking the right questions to ask to find out client’s needs
  • Use probing question to generate more buy in from clients
  • Unveiling prolific ways to question & to answer your ‘Who?’, ‘When?’, ‘Where?’, ‘Why?’ & ‘Which?’
  • Managing the “How?” question & the implication
  • 3 key perceptual positions to understanding your customer & resolve pressing issues
  • Strategies to seal the deal at the Probing Stage

Activity On Questioning
Practice Session: The Probing Game


  • Differentiate buyer’s real needs & wants
  • Develop incredible communication skills & learn how to speak the way each prospect listens
  • Unlocking the keys to the sale & discover what your client wants at a deep unconscious level
  • These unconscious values get your client emotional about buying your product or service, powerfully drawing them into the close of the sale & inspiring them to action

Exercise: Building Massive Value
Activity: Your USP


  • Distinguish features, benefits & advantages
  • Define the Real Benefit that sets you apart from even your strongest competitors
  • Refining your influencing skills to help customers clamour over what you sell
  • Persuade with 10 most influential words that drive people to decide & commit
  • Close the deal at the Influencing Stage


  • How to absolutely destroy objections
  • Learn powerful techniques for helping your prospects overcome objections, easily & effortlessly
  • Understand the psychology of objections & the underlying reason to them (There’s no FAILURE, only FEEDBACK)
  • Eliminate objections during the create-rapport phase
  • Handle objection in price, time, interest & resources artfully
  • Analyze what’s behind customers’ words & how to get to the real truth behind every objection!
  • How to read ‘buying’ signals & close the deal

Group Exercise: Objection Handling


  • Powerful persuasive language patterns: knowing what to say
  • Turn around the toughest of sales with a few choice, carefully chosen words
  • Using your voice to communicate emotions & state
  • Understanding predicate phrases & visual-auditory-kinesthetic (VAK) system
  • Communicate effectively & using VAK in your sales spiels
  • Mind Read:  using “common” eye pattern movements
  • How to actively observe other people with sensory acuity
  • Embedded commands – the magic of hidden commands in selling
  • Anchoring emotion states – yours & the client/prospect

It Is Show Time: Showroom Dance Practice


  • Recognize your strengths & weaknesses as a sales negotiator – Do you have a BATNA?
  • Relate to different types of buyer’s personalities & offer according to their reaction
  • Slip yourself away from a win/lose negotiation – Do you only selling once to the buyer? Do you want to lose? Do you want your customer to feel they are on a losing end?


In this Experiential program, we adopt a coaching and facilitative approach through interactive workshops, self-assessments, group activities and simulations. It is very important to engage the participants in reviewing their own outcome and so the activities are designed to illustrate key issues that the participants are facing in Selling. The entire program is highly interactive. This will ensure the entire group has ample opportunity to learn and absorb the lessons with lots of activities and reviews to encourage application and integration of the appropriate values.


  • Certified Master Performance Coach (ICF Approved – International Coach Federation)
  • From DC Psychology International & American Institute of Business Psychology
    • Certification in Colored Brain Communication
    • Certification in Human Drivers & Motivation
    • Certification in Dynamic Speaking
    • Certification in Curriculum Development
  • Certified Trainer in Emotional Quotient
  • Certified Trainer PSMB (Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia)
  • Certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Certification in Hypnotherapy from London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH)
  • Attended course on Clinton Swaine’s Experiential Training “Play To Win”, Silva Life System in Mind Development & Stress Control. Also attended courses on Mind Mastery, Laws Of Attraction, Napoleon Hill’s Principles Of Success, Emotion Through Sound & Movement, Breakthrough Program by Asiaworks, Communication by Landmark Forum, Money & You, Creativity, Problem Solving, Grooming & Etiquette, Accelerated Learning Techniques, Sales & Marketing, Digital Marketing, etc

With more than 16 years in corporate training, Rachel Khor is currently the Principal Trainer & Chief Learning Strategist with Peak Success Abundance Sdn Bhd as well as an experienced entrepreneur & businesswoman.

Rachel Khor is also a Master Trainer in Successful Selling Skills, Creativity/Thinking Outside The Box, Problem Solving, Emotional Intelligence & Emotional Drivers, Change Management, Leadership, Communication, People Skills, Handling Difficult People, Peak Performance, Goal Setting, Positive Work Attitude, Success Tools, Colored Brain, Master Your Mind. She has also undertaken training, consultancy & facilitation projects with various companies, both private and public sectors. She is a sought after Learning & Development Strategist, People Developer, Trainer, Coach & Mentor.

She has conducted SUCCESSFUL SELLLING SKILLS (CREATING SALES WARRIORS) & SALES NEGOTIATIONS both as public seminars & as in house workshops. Her in house clients include: Export Academy Malaysia, HSBC Bank, MIMOS, Ambank Assurance, Merck, White Horse Ceramic, KKIP (Sabah), YLI Industry, Petronas Dagangan, Munchys, Subang Medical Centre, Yeo Hiap Seng, Selangor Dredging, Worldwide Holdings, Eastin Hotel, Kenzen, Naza, UEM, etc

Her training & coaching incorporate effective evaluation methods, powerful techniques of varied disciplines & practical tools for all her learning solutions. Driven by a passion for delivering awesomeness, she ensures she execute cutting edge learning technologies, share highly relevant knowledge, provide critical & up to date information, deliver time tested methodologies & conduct interactive sessions – all are formulated to achieve results like never before.

Her determination & speed in producing training solutions is one of the key reasons our clients keep coming back to her.  Her research, knowledge & experience made Rachel Khor in the front line within her profession. She loves people development – during her high impact training sessions she is dynamic, dedicated & results driven. She utilizes Accelerated Training methodologies to inspire change & fast results.

She trains with her personal brand of positivity, charisma, creativity & focus which greatly motivates her participants to achieve greater heights of achievement & accomplishment. Participants have described her sessions as inspiring, thought provoking, energetic, highly interactive & easy to understand.

During her sessions, her ability to be neutral, non-judgmental, supporting the group & upholding its wisdom has allowed her to effectively extract participation in a magical way. She has presented papers in various national events, seminars including speaking at PSMB Forum & CEO Forum & was rated highly by both the audiences & the organizers.

Based on the belief that every individual has a core genius & the ability to soar given the right opportunities; Rachel’s training methodology breaks limiting beliefs, overcomes obstacles & cultivates trust across cultures.

She is also able to provide psychometric profiling, competency profiling & identifying learning needs. Her methods follow S.M.A.R.T.I.E.S. principle – specific, measurable, achievable, rewarding, tracked/timeliness, inspiring, excellence/emotional, small steps; aligned to business needs while strengthening organization’s capability & vision.

She has been running her own company since 1992 focusing on organizing, promoting & hosting international conventions with leading learning specialists & consultants from around the globe. She received her training in USA, UK, Australia, Singapore & Malaysia.

She has trained under the world famous Millionaire Mindset trainer, T Harv Eker(Master Your Mind & Guerilla Business). She has also trained under Blair Singer for Sales Dog Training, Powerful Sales Presentations & Train the Trainer. She is a keen practitioner of Mind Mapping & Mind Power. She has attended the training of some of the best world class trainers, business gurus & leading coaches including Anthony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Blair Singer, Harv Eker, John Maxwell, Jay Abraham, Joel Roberts (communication guru), Dr Joe Vitale, Jose Silva, Burt Goldman, among many others.

Rachel is an extremely dynamic, knowledgeable & versatile trainer who has excellent communication skills & easily develop fantastic rapport with her participants. Due to this she always receives rave reviews & excellent ratings. She achieves this by ensuring her training is relevant, result oriented, solution based – made fresh with new ideas, strategies & techniques.


She has trained many executives & managers from various industries & multinationals, bringing to them the latest tools & methods to excel. Rachel’s strongest point is her ability to bring out the best in every participant. Her Unique Selling Point is her innovative, practical approach to training and her ability to make the training unique, enjoyable yet rewarding. What she teaches can be applied back at the office. She mixes no nonsense pragmatic information with creative mind power & mindset changing strategies to make her courses relevant & results oriented.


Petronas, Shell, BNM, Kementerian Kewangan, Ambank, UOB, HSBC, Exim Bank, Danajamin, Pan Malaysia Pools, Msian Reinsurance, Tokio Marine, ACE, Aneka Insurance, MII, Agilent, Ansell, Bristol, Sime Tyre, Dell, Emhart Glass, Kotak, Infineon, Impressive Edge, Kanzen, Merck, Mimos, MRCB, Selangor Industrial Corporation, Samsung, Munchys, Scenic Moulding, Kossan Rubber, LG Aluminium, Royal Selangor, SIRIM, Tencate, Takeuzi, Totokiki, Toshiba, Niro Ceramic, White Horse Ceramic, MAS, Msian Airport, KLAS Airport Services, PTP, Westport, Johor Port, TNB, Telekom, Maxis, Sunrise, SP Setia, Selangor Dredging, Worldwide Holdings, IOI, Genting, Hotel Equatorial, Eastin Hotel, Saujana Resort, Subang Medical Centre, Msian Export Academy, Yeo Hiap Seng, UEM Group, FMM, UEM, Naza, Open University, UKM, UM, DBKL, PNB, government sectors, etc

1. THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOXJoanne Yew, Executive, Danajamin Nasional Bhd
“Rachel is a most creative, dynamic & charismatic trainer with lots of new, fresh ideas. She has incredible rapport with us”  

2. EFECTIVE TIME MANAGEMENTAzizi Bin Doraman, Supervisor, Petronas Chemicals Marketing Labuan
“Rachel clearly demonstrate the techniques & how the results can be achieved. I will definitely practice her techniques once back at the office”

3. INTERPERSONAL & PEOPLE SKILLS – Widyawati Mohd Nor, Executive, Fibrecomm Network (M) Sdn Bhd
“This training has helped me tremendously on a personal & professional capacity. What respect about Rachel is her caring attitude where she takes the time & trouble to stay back after the seminar to advise & provide further guidance”

4. 10 KEY TOOLS FOR WORK SUCCESS – Siti Kasmah, Executive Secretary, Sarawak Shell Berhad
“What I learn the most is how you adjust yourself & get along with people. Highly recommended!. Worth to share. Be positive – all the good things will be on your side”

5. EQ AT THE WORKPLACE – Mohammad Zaki Bin Musa, Supervisor, Petco Trading Labuan Company Ltd
“What I like about Rachel is her ability to make a complicated concept or techniques so easy to understand & follow. She mixes no nonsense pragmatic & practical ideas & tools with creative & mind power techniques. This is simply awesome!”

6. PEAK PERFORMANCE & SUCCESS SKILLS – Oon Gaik Chiou, Bank Officer, UOB Bank Penang
“Rachel is a great trainer. I’m grateful for her sharing, training & guidance. If I’m given another opportunity to attend her training again, I would love to”

7. PEAK PERFORMANCE & SUCCESS SKILLS – Ting Wei Ing, Bank Officer, UOB Bank Penang
“Excellent & fantastic trainer! Shared her real life experiences with us. Taught us practically & relate to our jobs. Very professional. Well Done!”

8. CREATIVITY, LATERAL THINKING & PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS – Amir Rashid, Training Manager/Norashikin Idris, Training Executive, KLAS Airport Services
“Rachel conducted 2 inhouse workshops on the above topic. The participants gave her excellent rating. They found her training useful, practical, interactive & easy to understand”