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Soft Skills Training Courses & Workshops Malaysia

No matter how good or important a message, if it fails to be delivered in an interesting & effective way, chances are it won’t be heard at all. Strong presentation skills beget buy-ins. They persuade, impress & convince. Poor speaking skills could just jeopardize them all.

In the 2 days high impact POWERFUL PRESENTATION SKILLS, participants will learn how to deliver presentations that get attention & results.

Participants enhance their professional image & influencing skills during presentations. The workshop focuses on participant’s presentation styles & reinforces effective body language as well as communication techniques to impact audiences. Projection of data using attention grabbing powerpoint, graphs, charts & building persuasive deliveries is the essence of this program. Video-recording is also used for self-evaluation.

Certification by PEAK SUCCESS ABUNDANCE – Graduates Your Colleagues

Certification by PEAK SUCCESS ABUNDANCE – With Thanks

Congratulations on Completing the Training by PEAK SUCCESS ABUNDANCE

  • Apply steps to help reduce fear of speaking
  • Identify essential components of a presentation
  • Understand the audience & why it is a needed step in a presentation
  • Organize information in a clear & concise manner
  • Create an attention grabbing introduction
  • Implement techniques for varying vocal tones & body language
  • Develop strategies for handling difficult audience & difficult questions
  • Point out benefits & pitfalls of various visual aid options & audience seating arrangements

Managers, executives, supervisors & ALL staff who need to gain the knowledge & skills to give effective presentations & speak publicly with confidence


  • Identify The Essential Parts Of A Presentation a successful introduction, effective transitions & captivating conclusions. Participants will dive in “head first” with a short practice presentation illustrating principles discussed


  • Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking – Fear is #1 reason many people do not enjoy public speaking & presenting. This component looks at the reasons for fear, techniques to overcome fear, gives participants a checklist for projecting the best possible image. They will learn how to eliminate such distracting speech habits as “um,” “ah,” & “you know.”
  • Re-channeling fears into positive energy


  • Selecting your topic & purpose
  • Analyzing the audience
  • Gathering materials
  • Supporting your points & ideas
  • Examples: brief examples, extended, hypothetical examples
  • Tips for using examples, statistics, testimony
  • Sample speeches


  • Getting totally present & on target to what you want to accomplish
  • Leaving the concerns of the day behind
  • Reading the mood of the room
  • How the mind retains information
  • The 4 ‘cornerstones’ of communication
  • Using creativity to ‘jump-start’ the minds of your audience members


  • A dramatic story
  • A headline or important statistic
  • A memorable statement
  • Appeal to emotion
  • Recount a historic event that emphasizes
  • The point you’re trying to make
  • Employ a well known myth or fable

Group Project – Tell a Story, Unusual Statistic, Memorable Statement, Historic Event, Fable/Myth


  • Objectives of every presentation
  • Avoiding 5 ‘deadly sins’ that turn off listeners instantly
  • Getting people to act on what you tell them
  • A 20-point checklist to help you understand your listeners
  • Capturing your listeners’ attention in the first 15 seconds
  • Creating a powerful vocal image
  • Using creative ‘Ice Breakers’ for immediate rapport & interaction
  • Maintaining proper timing
  • Strategies for strengthening your personal impact
  • Utilizing heightened sensory acuity to tune into your environment
  • Honing nonverbal behavior to effectively direct group dynamics


  • Choosing & using visual aids is an integral part of many presentations. This session reviews available options, benefits & drawbacks of each. Discover secrets of what visual aids work & what don’t
  • Tips to use interactive aids
  • Avoid using the chalkboard for visual aid
  • Make sure visual aids are large enough
  • Explain visual aids clearly & concisely
  • Talk to your audience, not to your visual aids
  • Practice with your Visual Aids

Video Clip. Peer Group Evaluation

Format & Delivery – How you give your talk can be more important than what you say.

  • Power of the tone of voice – techniques for adding vocal & visual variety to presentation, eliminate monotonous talking & model dynamic speaking style
  • Projecting more confidence & credibility with your voice
  • How to control – volume, pitch, rate, pauses, vocal variety, pronunciation & articulation
  • Power of pause
  • How to achieve an even ‘pace’
  • How to use tone & inflection to convey your message

Checklist Given


  • Ensure that your body is congruent with your message
  • How to avoid annoying gestures that detract from your message
  • SOFTEN positive body language
  • Personal appearance, gestures & eye contact
  • Overcoming common verbal stumbling blocks that sabotage credibility

Creative Music: Changing State
WOW & Whoosh Techniques

“The person with the highest mood & energy level always wins”

  • Calibrating your mood level & that of participants
  • Techniques to get the mood & energy up within minutes
  • ‘Turning on’ energy, spontaneity & creativity at will

Energy Techniques


  • Keeping your participants interested, alert, engaged, open & relaxed
  • How & when to use natural humor
  • Learn when it is appropriate to use humor to win over the audience
  • Unusual statistics
  • Techniques to include your audience

Practice Session: How to Handle Questions, Tell a Joke, How to Conduct a Stress Elimination Session


  • Effectively handling question & answer sessions
  • 3 stages of group-reaction to inappropriate individuals
  • Effectively dealing with difficult disruptions – show-offs, ramblers

Experience presenters will tell you “there is one in every group.” A difficult person could just make the job of a presenter a challenge at best. Understand the different psychology of these difficult people & handle the challenging situations. Adjust your communication style to suit the occasion

  • Build instant rapport with audience using NLP
  • How to get audience on your side
  • Make an impression
  • Why audience gets difficult
  • How to handle difficult audience

Practice Session to Understand the 3 Styles. The VAKS Activity Trainer Demonstration. Role Play: Dealing with Difficult Audience

The program concludes with participants making various kinds of presentations: explanatory, informative, persuasive, etc. Each participant will be videotaped for review and critique. At the program’s conclusion, participants will understand what makes a high-impact presentation and will have practiced and been critiqued on newly acquired skills.

“The distance between who & where you are now to who & where you want to be is only a few minutes” Conquer your fear of public speaking & presenting!
This intense session is to bring out a part of you that is stifled & covered up. The aim is to trigger a part of you that has been dormant inside you for a long time. Most people operate at only 10 % of themselves. This exercise is designed for you to operate at 100% of you. An activity designed to bring out the spirit & power in you within minutes. You will access that power inside you & you feel like you’re just waking up to the immense power inside you. Stirring up the emotions of power in you – you can be bigger than who you are now.
Individual & Group Presentation


  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • Allowing reflection on the content to create a sense of ‘ownership’
  • Wrap-up techniques to cement the commitment to continued learning & application, monitoring & coaching
  • Evaluation

Humorous Video Clip on Presenting


Highly experiential, skills-based interactive, role-play, simulation participants will be doing, feeling, seeing & experiencing different scenarios. Not just by listening. A combination of expert input, activities, declarations, role play, dyad exercises, team project, group discussion, evaluation, reflection exercises, video shows, drama, music, breathing exercises. A unique format of this training is to generate & create extremely high energy among the participants as well as create fun, laughter & enjoyment for ‘Training’ requires a certain level of positive, happy energy in order for it to work. Energy Therapy is also one of the interesting techniques taught to clear all emotional baggage.


Azmi Shahrin was born in Ipoh and received his early education at St. Michael’s Institution, Ipoh and Malay College Kuala Kangsar. He won a Shell Scholarship to further his studies at the University of Kent, United Kingdom where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Economics. He subsequently obtained a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Malaya (2009) and he is currently a PhD candidate at the same university. He has been a member of MENSA since 1989. He has had more than a decade’s working experience in managing marketing communications, distribution channels and product branding with several companies including Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn. Bhd. and Maxis Communications Bhd. However, destiny was calling and in 2003, he quit his well paid job to become a trainer.

Azmi owes the turning point of his life to Toastmasters. In 1998, he joined Extol Toastmasters Club to sharpen his presentation and communication skills. He was President of the club in 2005-2006. He was also instrumental in the founding of Kelab Pidato Perdana (a Malay language Public Speaking club) where he served as President in 2004-2005 and is currently the Chief Trainer. In 2007-2008, He was Governor of Division W (of District 51 of Toastmasters International) and had the responsibility to oversee 32 clubs. He has also won many prizes in speech contests over the years and awards for excellent leadership and dedicated service, such as the Division C Toastmaster of the Year 2004-2005 award. He is also a trainer with the Toastmasters Leadership Institute. In 2006, he achieved Toastmasters’ highest award, which carries the title of “Distinguished Toastmaster” (DTM). All these enabled him to launch and excel at his new career as a public speaker and Presentation Skills trainer.

In 2015, Azmi has achieved the Gold Award Certificate for Test of English in Communication (TOEIC) scoring the maximum score of 495 for both the listening and reading components. This makes him a qualified trainer for TOEIC courses.

In the past 12 years as full-time trainer, Azmi has conducted training for the private/corporate sector, the government sector, educational establishments as well as members of the public. He has trained over 11,000 adults and students. While he specializes in public speaking and presentation skills, he is also competent in related areas such as communication skills, interpersonal skills, negotiation skills, English language skills and leadership skills. He regularly consults for Triple A Training, Proskills Trainers, Asia iKnowledge, Maslow Trainers and Consultants, Knowledge Paragon, Compass Mind Asia, SubHills, Aqalivista, Emerge Knowledge Connection, IVC and several other training providers.


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Gives personal coaching to senior government officers & executives in the private sector. Stephen started his working career with the Government Post Office in 1966, to train & coach new staff. He resigned from his government position & started his training career with Leadership Management & Development where he was tasked with formulating programs based on “Needs Analysis”.

Stephen uses the “Laugh & Learn” approach in all his trainings. He was the training consultant for UMW, Southern Banking, UMBC, MISC, MAS, Pos Malaysia, AMWAY, Toyota Motor, FELDA & FELCRA.

He coached personnel of Panasonic in sales, management skills & conducted team building sessions. In 2006, Stephen was appointed by the Selangor State Government as an advisor for programs to enhance public relations skills including “Hospitality English.” He worked with PKNS, various City Councils & front office personnel, those in customer service plus liaison officers. He has also been working with personnel in The Dorsett Hotel & 3M Malaysia on communication & sales. In early 2013, Stephen was engaged with conducting programs on “In-House Team Building” & “Leadership” for PETRONAS/Technip (Indonesia). Amongst the regular sessions that he conducts are Communication, Using Humor in Presentations, Human Relations, Enhanced Speaking Skills, Team Building (In house), Sales, Counseling Basics, Train the Trainer & “Entertaining Emceeing”.

In 2004, representing 7 countries in this region he won 2nd place in a speech contest at Toastmasters International in Reno (USA). He was also at the World Speakers convention as a presenter held at Desert Springs (California). Stephen has over the last few years conducted various speaking & training sessions in Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, India, USA, China, Australia, India & Indonesia.

He has written a book entitled “From Conversationalist to Public Speaker”. He performs regularly as emcee & standup comedian. He also presents “motivational humor” at sales conventions. Many of his presentations have been posted on “Youtube” & he is also active on Facebook.