Changes are taking place at a greater speed than ever before this year … are you changing fast enough to catch up? Are you equipped with the necessary tools, techniques & skills to cope with these changes? In increasingly challenging & changing times, you need to gain & maintain a winning learning edge. Now more than ever you need to balance a challenging work life with meaningful relationships plus looking after your health & well-being. Emotions drive all actions … be emotionally stable with high self-esteem & self-confidence.

For the last 20 years Peak Success Abundance has been bringing to you PEAK PERFORMANCE & SUCCESS SKILLS combining thought provoking, refreshing, fun & superb sessions with the right blend of great presentations, outstanding methods & unique strategies with lasting effects. Cutting edge topics from change mastery, EQ in relationships, improved presentation skills, achieving the art of possibility, power of self worth, creative problem solving techniques to enhancing new skills for the workplace.

Certification by PEAK SUCCESS ABUNDANCE – Graduates Your Colleagues

Certification by PEAK SUCCESS ABUNDANCE – With Thanks

Congratulations on Completing the Training by PEAK SUCCESS ABUNDANCE

  • An essential learning platform highlighting effective practices that will assist you in building a successful & rewarding career
  • Dynamic, thought-provoking, inspirational, beneficial, high impact
  • Fun, experiential learning through demonstrations, group exercises, role play, activities & expert input
  • Practical tools, techniques & instantly “useable” skills

Confidential/Executive/Private Secretaries, Personal Secretaries, PAs, Office Administrators, Office Managers, Principal/Administrative Assistants, Front-liners, Support Staff, Public Relations Executives, Guest Relations Officers, Customer Relationship Managers & Executives, Account Managers

  • A programme that has been careful & thoughtfully researched to ensure the topics stay relevant, up to date & designed to address the needs of all secretaries, administrators, PAs, front desk, support staff, customer service & HR assistants to work effectively at the workplace regardless the challenges ahead
  • A special toolkit has been prepared for you to take back to the office comprising powerful, proven & effective tools & techniques to enable you to stay ahead & long term behavioral change
  • A new format is the inclusion of techniques in between sessions to master effective & powerful techniques to clear stress, be at peak performance, highly motivated, be creative & to change state from down to motivated in minutes
  • Top notch & renown speakers to inspire you to unleash your potential & climb to greater heights of excellence
  • Stimulating, thought provoking & beneficial sessions
  • Mind mastery techniques to clear stress immediately & achieve results desired
  • Acquire new skills, tools & techniques to raise professionalism, enhance credibility, commands respect & exceed bosses’ expectations
  • Practical & highly interactive sessions to ensure you return to office with personal action plan – achieve what you are committed to do
  • Network & share experiences with like minded professionals like yourselves
  • This is your time & you are entitled to have a rewarding time while learning. Be recognised for your CONTRIBUTIONS & be APPRECIATED for what you’re doing
  • This training is structured just for YOU with you in mind – and YOUR DESIRE to EXCEL & CONTINUOUSLY IMPROVE

This incredible forum brings together experienced & well qualified speakers, consultants & facilitators; creating an unprecedented opportunity for you to learn & grow professionally. After this program, you’ll return to your job renewed, energized & brimming with fresh ideas & strategies that will make an immediate difference in your performance, attitude & productivity. All the sessions will be conducted in an enlightening, stimulating, inspiring, fresh, high impact, beneficial & lively manner.

1. Norsiah Binti Sohed, Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd
“A++, even better than I could have imagined!”

2. Norlizah Kamarudin, Bank Negara Malaysia
“Thanks a million for an awesome conference! Very interesting yet thought provoking!”

3. Zarita Binti Zainorin, Fibrecomm Network (M) Sdn Bhd
“This conference will help me rethink my approaches when discussing difficult topics with colleagues”

4. Hartini Bt Hamdan, Institut Jantung Negara
“This conference tied together people & effective concepts to help me to fine-tune my practices & get the results desired”

5. Sanariah Bte Mat Zahar, Talisman Malaysia Limited
“I will ‘mend’ some of my relationships with co-workers”

6. Wizana Bt Ahmad, Lembaga Pelabuhan Johor
“There are so many positive action items I’m taking from this conference – my favorite conference so far!”

7. Satimah Mat Desa, Petronas Dagangan Berhad
“I will be more considerate when talking with other employees & boss. This will help build a good foundation for our company, because it starts within myself, because everyone sees me first”