In the world of business it is said that nothing happens until a sale is made. What happens before that is a commitment on the part of somebody to grow & to learn. There comes a moment when it becomes clear that the road to wealth is paved with education & learning. So my question to you, the sales director or sales manager is this:

If your income was to increase by a mere 10% as a result of a little more knowledge about how to present yourself in a sales presentation & if it was to increase by a minimal 20% as a result of knowing how to handle objections & rejections & if it was to possibly bump your numbers by another 15% by knowing how to play to your inherent strengths & if you could add another 10% by studying the 5 breeds of sales warriors & how to generate cash from each breed … how would that affect your cash flow?

Your sales people need to build the focus, the skills & the strengths that are necessary to get them from where they are now to where they want to be in sales. Whether a person is a new or a seasoned sales person, they can definitely learn new skills if they are committed to learning & growing. Then the money will definitely roll in. This is not true in every business but is definitely true in sales. Because sales is a true personal development journey. Each time your people learn about selling, about people, about presenting, about marketing, about handling objections will put money directly into your company’s & their pockets.

Life issues us all a series of challenges, obstacles, opportunities & puzzles. Those that learn early how to navigate those waters, become the winners & warriors in the end.

There is no training in the world that prepares a person for that as well as sales. Sales provides a constant confrontation with oneself, one’s environment, other people & mindsets. People learn everyday about who they are & what they are made of.

A true sales warrior knows that training means cash!! Here’s to continually learning & growing!!

Sales Training by PEAK SUCCESS ABUNDANCE – Game of Persuasion

Sales Training by PEAK SUCCESS ABUNDANCE – Prospecting Game

Sales Training by PEAK SUCCESS ABUNDANCE – Sales Presentation

Sales Training by PEAK SUCCESS ABUNDANCE – Testimonial

  • Be able to access & develop the great sales person within you
  • Master the I.M.P.A.C.T. System of Sales. Here you are given a workable, proven & well tested sales formula from prospecting to closing the deal
  • Learn how to achieve results desired in cold calling & telemarketing
  • Practice tested & proven techniques in prospecting, planning, qualifying target market
  • Learn about professional sales body language, impression, technique of commonality & business meeting etiquette
  • Acquire super probing power where questioning techniques can get a sales person to YES!
  • Get a ready made Target Market Template to allow you to understand your prospects thoroughly
  • Create a USP for your company, create massive value & sell benefits
  • Master effective techniques of handling & tackling objections
  • Learn 5 easy steps to a professional sales presentation
  • Get a ready to use Personal Mega Credibility & USP Template as a means of mesmerizing your prospects
  • Discover the secrets of Emotional Buying Curve & how to instill psychological debt in prospects to close sales & make clients feel good about decisions
  • Produce higher closing ratios using Sales Warrior Hidden Closing Tactics. Learn to use psychology & engage in emotional selling to hasten sales closure
  • Learn to avoid silly mistakes that can cost you & your company dearly
  • Discover the closely guarded mindset secrets of top sales performers that are driving them to close more deals & earn more money!
  • Get rid of beliefs & attitude that sabotage sales success. Learn to control & retrain the Little Voice that is hindering your sales goals
  • Master a critical Clearing Technique you need to clear all sales blockages in the mind & build empowering mindsets
  • Master the 2 Mind Power Techniques that absolutely will grant you more sales easily & effortlessly
  • Develop a personal action plan for sales success

All sales professionals, telesales professionals, marketing professionals, telemarketing professionals, business development professionals and all who are interested to improve their sales


  • Identifying the indicators of challenging times
  • Understanding buyer psychology during tough times
  • What do buyers buy during tough times?
  • How to position yourself & your company as the preferred solution provider?
  • Develop the mindset & the skills necessary to succeed in tough times



  • What & how should you prepare to make things happen the way you want them to
  • Discover call opening & lead in statements to cold calling success
  • Telephone stealth techniques that will grab people’s attention or secure critical appointment – attention, interest, desire & action approach
  • Prospecting & how to fill up your calendar days
  • Use N.E.A.D.S. formula to qualify so you don’t waste time
  • Learn to position yourself as an expert & a consultant
  • Acquire our ready made Target Market Template of the 23 things you have to absolutely know about your target market


  • Learn about professional sales body language, appearance, grooming, personal hygiene, body, posture, movement, eye contact & facial expression
  • Understand business meeting etiquette, business cards, marketing materials & seating arrangements
  • Use powerful NLP techniques to build instant rapport, trust & credibility with any prospect
  • Learn the secret to getting attention & engaging the prospect
  • Learn how to influence the prospects & make the connection
  • How to get the customers to listen to you & why should the customer do business with you? Learn to be solution providers especially in these extremely challenging times


  • Acquire super probing power – how questioning techniques can get you to YES!
  • Understand about the usual mistakes made during the questions phase
  • Get our effective & easy to use questioning model
  • Learn to identify buyer needs & wants
  • Master the ability to uncover buyer problems that will ultimately determine your sale direction
  • Get from us a ready to use checklist of hot questions to ask


  • Learn to give a solution that addresses your prospect’s greatest need or want
  • Learn to define the Real Benefit that sets your product/service part from the rest of your competitors
  • Discover about Emotional Buying Curve – learn to sell with heart & passion, sell by benefits & advantages instead of features
  • Learn about customers’ emotional hot buttons – 6 Top Emotions & the 26 Words that will automatically guarantee you a sale
  • Discover the secret to creating a compelling & mesmerizing USP – ready made USP Template
  • Breaking through to the real decision maker (how to get past the gatekeepers) by building “Bridges of Influence”
  • Learn how to create massive awareness & how to attract prospective clients by building Sales Funnels
  • How to create a Spin about your product/service


  • Understand the psychology of objections – the 5 basic objections
  • Learn to eliminate objections during the meet people phase
  • How to effectively handle the objection of price?
  • Master our extremely effective objection handling process to resolve objections
  • Discover the 8 negotiation tricks & tactics you can consider
  • Your secret weapon – The Objection Handling Tactic
  • Learn to analyze what’s behind customers’ words & how to get to the real truth behind every objection!
  • Evaluate how to ask specific questions, handle cognitive objections, get the right information & to melt emotions away or putting out the fire
  • Develop personalized response for handling objections


  • Learn to maximize solid proof & build mega credibility – allow prospects to experience the truth of your claims
  • Learn to master your communication for sales & communicate with certainty
  • Master the 3 positions: listening, observing & clarifying
  • Sell benefits not features to create impact in sales pitch
  • Link every benefit to value & create massive value
  • Learn how to ‘seduce” & entice the buyer during the sales presentation
  • Understand how to differentiate yourself during a sales presentation
  • Learn to translate product features into buyer’s benefits & advantages
  • Master the 5 key ways you can gain power throughout a sales presentation
  • The psychology of customers buying behaviors: the 4 personality’s buying behavior


  • Why buyers don’t buy & why sales people don’t close?
  • Proven ways to end fear of closing & how to move to the close during tough times
  • Master some of the greatest, powerful & effective closing tactics & phrases
  • Vendor’s buying signals
  • How to battle for the clients’ jobs & get to YES!
  • Closing strategies designed to give you agility & speed in designing a tailor- made close for your current customer
  • 30 closing techniques to clinch the sale


  • Learn techniques to Master The Little Voice & control the chatter in your minds
  • Receive our tried & tested accelerated de-brief strategies on Sales Warrior Belief Crusher that will allow you to recognize your personal blocks & shift you to opportunities
  • Learn a critical & essential Clearing Technique to effortlessly eliminate any negativity & negative emotions towards sales
  • Master 2 powerful Mind Power Techniques to tap into the enormous capability within you, reprogram your minds for sales success, create a wealthy sales mentality & achieve your sales goals every time
  • Learn to anchor all your wins as success breeds success
  • Learn 2 sure fire, hot tips to changing your state from down to awesome within minutes!!


In this Experiential program, we adopt a coaching and facilitative approach through interactive workshops, self-assessments, group activities and simulations. It is very important to engage the participants in reviewing their own outcome and so the activities are designed to illustrate key issues that the participants are facing in Selling. The entire program is highly interactive. This will ensure the entire group has ample opportunity to learn and absorb the lessons with lots of activities and reviews to encourage application and integration of the appropriate values.


Irwin Cheong is an international business consultant & entrepreneur with wealth of knowledge & experiences in the fields of leadership management, organizational development, brand marketing & personal growth development. Irwin has spent 18 years as a serial entrepreneur, technopreneur & business transformational consultant. His experience spans across Asia countries & US. His credentials range from building his own business legacy & previously serving in international conglomerates like Jardine Mattheson & SAP International. To date, Irwin has consulted more than hundreds of companies & training individuals – MDs, CEOs & Presidents of large organizations. He co-founded an Asia CEO platform called Ceoxcel Foundation.

His motto in business is, ‘Simplicity, as the new sophistication!’ He frequently speaks in various business platforms (Rotary International, Tech Conference, & Smart Cities Summit), as well as international universities (INTI Laureate Business School, Monash University & HELP University), as an industry speaker in fields of entrepreneurship, branding, technology & neuro-intelligence. Irwin is a prominent figure that had successfully brand himself in various industries, from business to technology, entertainment, beauty line & the international world of magic. He often captivates his audience with highly interactive business messages & magical illusions.



Soo Hoo Yoon Hunn started selling door to door while reading law. It was then that he found his passion for sales as he realized that this industry does not discriminate against anyone and that everyone have an equal opportunity to excel in this industry.

From there, he went on to banking sales starting with the Mortgage Dept followed by managing the portfolios of High Networth Individuals and finally commercial banking. In his career, he has sold and excelled in selling various forms of financial products including life and general insurance, investment products and financing (Mortgage, Business Loans) products. He is consistently in the top quartile for any product he is tasked to sell including having sold RM1.6Mil AFYP of insurance, managing over RM200mil in deposits and having the fastest growing portfolio.

Soo Hoo has trained regionally to participants from over 25 countries in selling skills from face to face, telesales and online sales. He currently serves as the President of the Malaysian Association of Professional Trainers and Coaches (MAPTaC).

Organizations that have benefitted from his training include Facebook, Google, Paypal, Intel, HP, Juniper Networks, Huawei, Abbott, Malakoff, AMD, BBraun, Motorola, Osram, UEM, MSIG, SIA, Unilever, etc.