Advanced Supervisory Skills


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The focus of this training is on the day-to-day concerns of supervision. The main objective is to gain better understandings of the overall leadership role including:

  • Planning activities, hours, scheduling
  • Providing leadership and direction
  • Managing or supervising others to make sure work gets done
  • Taking responsibility for the performance of people working for you
  • Staff motivation, support and performance

It answers the question: What is my job? What really counts? How well am I doing? It is also designed to get supervisory staff to address real issues via the supervisory skills sets to be acquired.

The program is designed to answer three areas. i.e.
What – the knowledge – issues of the advanced supervisor
Why – the understanding – analyzing the issues
How – the skills sets required to solve the issues

Below are the learning outcomes for the training course:

At the end of the program participants will:

  • Enhance their sensitivity towards peers, subordinates & superiors
  • Acquire right mental attitude
  • Enhance interpersonal communication skills
  • Understand finance
  • Strategic planning
  • Capacity building
  • Acquire self management skills
  • Work planning the workday efficiently
  • Conflict resolution
  • Build effective, highly productive, motivated work teams
  • To be an effective coach & mentor to your people
  • To accept, respond & manage change effectively
  • Solve problems effectively
  • Apply their learned skills in their work place
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