In-House Training Course

Power Business Presentation With The Right Image & Brand

They appear. Talk. Grab attention. Promise. Create Experience. Thrill. Mesmerize. Entice. And Seduce. They are in your life forever. Your brand is your business and your business is your brand! Customers will recognize your company, your product, your service and your status through your brand. You can train these skills…

Professional Branding, Image & Etiquette

Many untrained people often think of developing the right professional image as a series of process that involves a lot of ringgit on developing it. This training course preaches that, building the professional image standard may no longer about building awareness, but it is about communicating the company’s…

Professional Grooming, Protocol & Business Etiquette

This training course teaches one to keep your nose to the grindstone and your ear to the ground. You need business savvy and the ability to establish yourself in a credible manner. A faux pas at the wrong time can damage your career. If you are newly appointed to a management position….

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Creating A Winning Business Image

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