Customer Feedback & Handling Customer Complaints


customer feedback training course

Training Videos

Below are the learning outcomes for the training course:

  • Spot areas needing immediate improvement & resolve problems
  • Master techniques to deal with angry, dissatisfied & challenging customers
  • Help maintain & operate an effective complaint handling system that works
  • Develop a customer complaints plan that everyone can rally behind
  • Reduce & eliminate customer complaints
  • Ensure complaints are dealt with immediately, effectively & to customers’ satisfaction
  • Spot areas needing immediate improvement
  • Identified the barriers & common mistakes in handling complaints
  • Building up a Customer Loyalty program
  • Save money by doing what the customer wants
  • Balance customer needs with the reality of your business operations
  • Create & keep a service gap between you and the competitors
  • Develop an attitude of “surprising the customer”
  • Acquired a thorough knowledge of building the foundation to customer satisfaction
  • Acquired the right mindset for dealing with customers
  • Monitor to ensure excellent customer service is being practiced
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