Emotional Intelligence 101: Negative Vibes

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Surrounding Vibes

A good understanding of surrounding vibes is a sign of high emotional intelligence skill. Do you aware of your surrounding energies in your workplace or at home? It can be positive or negative. If it is positive, then you are at good state. Everything you experience will be smooth and fulfilling. But if it is negative, the experiences especially in your workplace and home will be like unpleasant.

Identifying Negative Vibes

The skill of identifying negative vibes around people is crucial. This helps you to decide how to deal with them. This can bring a change in your performance at workplace. People with negative vibes have the emotions of fear, frustration, hurt, angry, worry, depressed, grief, anger, disappointment. 

If you yourself have these negative emotions, do not worry. There is no such thing as bad or good emotions. The secret is do not deny negative emotions – this is not realistic, rather it is a state of denial. Rather it is better to use negative emotion as a call for action, a message, a signal that something needs to be changed in your life, your perception and/or your behaviour. Thus negative emotions add meaning and power to our lives by allowing us to move forward.

This is a soft skill that can make one to be highly successful no matter where are you right now. So, train yourself to see the blessings in disguise. Every cloud has a silver lining.

What Is More Important In Your Life That How You Feel?

Do remember, you can also feel joyous, euphoric, awesome, excited, passionate, curiosity, integrity, ecstasy, confidence, power. Painful emotions can be our best friend if we use them as signals for change. Emotions are the ultimate power – they can start wars, cause us to get marry or divorce, create children, even cause illness or health. The intense emotions we feel every day shapes our life. When we don’t follow our own life’s rules or standards , we start to feel pain. So negative emotions actually have a purpose to help us check or eliminate that pain.

Motivate Your Team

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Written by RACHEL KHOR 

Principal Trainer, Peak Success Abundance Sdn Bhd

From Directive Communication International & American Institute of Business Psychology:

– Certification in Colored Brain Communication
– Certification in Human Drive & Motivation
– Certification in Dynamic Speaking
– Certification in Curriculum Development
– PSMB Certified Trainer
– Certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
– Certification in Hypnotherapy from London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH)
– 18 years corporate training experience


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  1. What should I do if I am surrounded by negative people in my workplace? What if they are my boss?

    1. Thank you Kang for tuning in our article posts. It is best to surround yourself with positive people. If you cannot escape yourself from negative people, spread your positive vibes to them. Kill them with kindness.

  2. Wow, that is great way to be positive in workplace. Will try and tell if it works out. Thank you so much peaksucc.

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