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Today’s personnel are too busy to attend numerous training programs on the various skills they need to develop. You need one training program that covers it all while still maintaining high training effectiveness. You need to learn essential skills quickly & need to be able to apply these skills immediately! This program is designed around core skills that you need in order to be effective at the workplace. For every skills taught there is a practice session where you have to put the technique or skill into use either in a brainstorming session, a role play or a team project.

Very often, you have to actually practice using the models you are given to understand its simplicity. Thus, we use case studies & discuss real life situations you face so that you can try applying these models.

  • To learn to leverage on your strengths & use them to get the results desired
  • To master techniques to change your state within minutes from down to peak & empowering
  • To control your attention & to engage in accurate thinking
  • To learn to prioritize, plan, schedule & organize your workload & tasks
  • To manage effectively interruptions, meetings & people in the work environment
  • To be knowledge based & to continuously keep yourself updated
  • To be able to communicate effectively & with results
  • To develop strategies for relating well, handling difficult people & grievances
  • To establish better working relationships with bosses & colleagues
  • To learn to handle stress, pressure & conflicts
  • To improve problem solving & decision making skills – quicker & more confident
  • To get out of comfort zone – master tips to be more creative & proactive
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