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This intensive & practical course is designed for the non financial directors, managers & executives who want a better understanding of the most important tools & techniques of financial analysis & management in order to help them make more profitable decisions.

Be able to interpret and analyze financial statements, set economic value added financial targets, understand factors that drive profitability and share price, answer with confidence the questions posed by shareholders in the annual general meeting.

  • To enable participants to understand thoroughly and to interpret with intelligence the financial statements presented at the Board of Directors meeting
  • To enable participants to be able to deliberate financial performance and to set financial targets with foresight and confidence
  • To enable participants to be able to answer with confidence and intelligence the questions raise by the shareholders on financial issues at the Annual General Meeting
  • To understand the concept of Economic Value Added as performance criteria and as targets for performance linked reward package
  • To understand the pitfalls and limitations of financial analysis and how to overcome them with the use of Balance Scorecards Grasp fundamental financial issues in business
  • Understand & prepare budgets in line with corporate objectives
  • Use financial tools
  • Size up your competitor’s financial health
  • Measure profit margin for effective decision making

1. THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX – Joanne Yew, Executive, Danajamin Nasional Bhd

“Rachel is a most creative, dynamic & charismatic trainer with lots of new, fresh ideas. She has incredible rapport with us”  

2. EFECTIVE TIME MANAGEMENT – Azizi Bin Doraman, Supervisor, Petronas Chemicals Marketing Labuan

“Rachel clearly demonstrate the techniques & how the results can be achieved. I will definitely practice her techniques once back at the office”

3. INTERPERSONAL & PEOPLE SKILLS – Widyawati Mohd Nor, Executive, Fibrecomm Network (M) Sdn Bhd

“This training has helped me tremendously on a personal & professional capacity. What respect about Rachel is her caring attitude where she takes the time & trouble to stay back after the seminar to advise & provide further guidance”

4. 10 KEY TOOLS FOR WORK SUCCESS – Siti Kasmah, Executive Secretary, Sarawak Shell Berhad

“What I learn the most is how you adjust yourself & get along with people. Highly recommended!. Worth to share. Be positive – all the good things will be on your side”

5. EQ AT THE WORKPLACE – Mohammad Zaki Bin Musa, Supervisor, Petco Trading Labuan Company Ltd

“What I like about Rachel is her ability to make a complicated concept or techniques so easy to understand & follow. She mixes no nonsense pragmatic & practical ideas & tools with creative & mind power techniques. This is simply awesome!”

6. PEAK PERFORMANCE & SUCCESS SKILLS – Oon Gaik Chiou, Bank Officer, UOB Bank Penang

“Rachel is a great trainer. I’m grateful for her sharing, training & guidance. If I’m given another opportunity to attend her training again, I would love to”

7. PEAK PERFORMANCE & SUCCESS SKILLS – Ting Wei Ing, Bank Officer, UOB Bank Penang

“Excellent & fantastic trainer! Shared her real life experiences with us. Taught us practically & relate to our jobs. Very professional. Well Done!”

8. CREATIVITY, LATERAL THINKING & PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS – Amir Rashid, Training Manager/Norashikin Idris, Training Executive, KLAS Airport Services 

“Rachel conducted 2 inhouse workshops on the above topic. The participants gave her excellent rating. They found her training useful, practical, interactive & easy to understand”

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