In-House Training Course

Credit Management & Debt Recovery

This training course showcases thart giving credit in any business transactions has its benefits as it could generate larger volume of business; however, there is also the risk of not being able to collect when the credit term is due. Credit losses due to fraudulent transaction and non-payment will pose a great strain on your Malaysian based company’s resources….

Strategic Budgeting & Profit Planning

There is no denying that among all available management financing techniques budgetary control is probably the least misunderstood and the most misused. It is often poorly planned and implemented. The wrong application of budgetary control could then lead to avoidance of the budget and this training course can help…..

Finance For Non Financial Managers & Executives

This intensive & practical training course is designed for the non financial directors, managers & executives who want a better understanding of the most important tools & techniques of financial analysis & management in order to help them make more profitable decisions. Based on our observation, Malaysia companies have the ability to….

Intelligent Financial Planning & Analysis

In this training course, automation in finance will be taught. Automation is the buzz word in today’s corporate world. Whether it is manufacturing industry or the service industry, all businesses are aiming to reduce the human element for critical processes and tasks to improve efficiency…

Unveil VBA For Financial Reporting

Excel comes with the most astonishing tools when it comes to financial modeling. With this training course, explore the options in excel. There are so many commands and functions are embedded in Excel. This training course will showcase the method for financial reporting..

Power Pivot For Powerful Data Analysis

With this training course, you will see this trend in finance companies as well. Calculators are replaced by laptops, ledgers are replaced by spreadsheets and hard bound documented financial models are replaced by modern technology means. This has greatly changed the procedures for data analysis…

Understanding & Preparing Financial Statements

In this business training course, you will learn that organization, almost all decisions are made in relation on with how they will affect the financial performance of the organization and also the future financial health. Whatever background that you have, either you are in marketing, manufacturing…

Cost Analysis & Cost Control

Costing has grew in importance and complexity as the business grew in size, markets become more sophisticated, technology advanced undertook many business activities and the rapid growth of internet business. With this training course, management has come to rely more and more on cost accounting….

Keeping Full Set Of Accounts Under GST Regime (I & II)

With this training course, business organizations will have a broad idea of how GST works. But many have not assessed the effects and implication of GST on their businesses, and certain terms of GST regulations have been changed from time to time. This workshop is designed to equip participants…

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Preparing Annual Reports

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