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Is there anything we could do differently the next time that would make the service better, more pleasant or enjoyable or more valuable for you?

If we do not take care of the customers, the competitors will. Without the customers there is no business.

Customer service is the lifeblood of every organization or business. Companies that are unable or unwilling to properly service their customers stand to lose the customers’ business. However there are several key attributes that differentiate excellent from mediocre customer service. A company that best exhibits these awesome customer service characteristics definitely has a clear competitive advantage over its competition.


One of the most important factor for attaining customer-centric service is training. Customer service staff must be trained on product/service features, prices, warranties and even the various technical aspects of products/services. A company must develop a seamless customer service experience is a company’s customer service department must be as efficient as sales, marketing and all other departments.


Excellent customer service means acknowledging a customer’s question in a timely manner. Customer service representatives have to answer the phone promptly and be readily accessible when any client or customer calls. Customers expect their queries to be answered professionally or issues to be solved satisfactorily once they reach customer service. Excellent customer service means having more experienced people or supervisors available to answer more difficult or technical questions.


Excellent customer service means solving the problems and issues customers have with your products or services – promptly, efficiently & satisfactorily. For example when a customer calls up to complain, the customer service representative should stay on the phone with the customer until she gets her problems settled. If the problem remains unsolved, the company should send a service representative to resolve the issue, providing the date and time of the service call – and to stick by that appointment.


Excellent customer service requires active listening and communication skills. Listen carefully and attentively to what the customer needs. Moreover, excellent communication skills are crucial. A customer should be able to easily understand what the customer service representative is saying. Speak clearly using common terminology that everyone understands and cut out the technical jargon.


A company should periodically review and evaluate all the key elements of its customer service department – timeliness, accuracy and problem-solving effectiveness. Customer service satisfaction surveys which can be conducted over the phone or online, are a good way to achieve this. Companies can then use the feedback to improve on all the flaws or deficiencies of its customer service department.

Awesome Ways How To Up Your Service & Wow The Customer

  1. Once you lose the fire in the belly it is time to retire from customer service & sales
  2. Always offer your best customer the best you have to offer
  3. Service is a 2-way street. What goes around comes back to you. You give good service & the client will always come back to you
  4. Person to person contact with clients is important
  5. Honesty & integrity are essential ingredients in customer service
  6. Tackling Complaints + Giving Compliments = Good Communication
  7. Motivating power of purpose. Customer service can be hard work so it is very important to have a strong vision or purpose statement to hold on to. Have a vision statement that compels, that mesmerizes & that motivates the staff
  8. Give praise where it is due. Nice work! Keep it up! This will keep the customer service spirit going & the “flag flying high”
  9. Appreciates your customers. Also being appreciated creates a nice feeling of being wanted
  10. Boost the confidence, self image & esteem of your customer
  11. Use magic words – words that boost self confidence, self esteem & Image. Use words with power & slogans that inspire. Use words & images that inspire. Watch the language. Don’t use words like “we settled, handled, dealt with” the customer. Rather we “care, respond, appreciate” customer
  12. Start & implement a suggestion box among staff & employees as to how service can be further improved
  13. Create a mutually win-win relationship with customers, staff, sales team, peers & vendors. One rotten apple can spoil the whole basket. Everybody should be having the same vision or goal & being pulled in the same direction
  14. Your company is only as good as the weakest link
  15. Understand about quick outburst from customers. Resolve complaints & service breakdown immediately!
  16. Project a professional, credible image – willingness to help
  17. Stand out in a crowded marketplace by being creative & innovative. Stand out among your competitors – give your customers more than what they ask for
  18. Benchmark against the best in the industry … throughout the world. Know where you stand vs the competitors
  19. Keep promises or better still deliver more than what is promised. Go the extra mile – be seen to make a difference
  20. Sometimes it is best to “rock the boat” for the customers’ benefits
  21. Front staff have to break rules sometimes in order to serve the customers better – be use-friendly. Always add value by making things easier & more convenient for customers at all times
  22. Be positive & proactive in solving problems. Take action. Always more action. Take constructive action that will be noticed & appreciated
  23. Feedback is very important – email, call, sms, fax, survey forms TQ TQ TQ. Show your appreciation – telephone, write a letter, send an email, send out a few free gifts, etc
  24. Always ask these 4 questions: “What can we do more of?”, “What can we do less of?”, “What should we start doing?” & “What should we stop doing?”
  25. Keep in touch & get out of ivory tower. Go out to the field & interact with the customers & clients. Understand & know thoroughly what is happening in the marketplace
  26. Strong service & well trained staff have to go hand in hand. Sales & service staff must work hand in hand. One must not sabotage the efforts & goodwill of the other
  27. Takes one grump to spoil the whole bunch – check your service mindset, mood & attitude everyday. If you are grumpy, just stay home
  28. How hot is your customer service thermometer? Check constantly – do something quick if it is cold!
  29. Continuous learning, updating & upgrading your knowledge & information. Be open to new ideas, latest technologies, diversity, controversy
  30. Pick 1 BIG thing to do TODAY! – update website, revise procedures, create customer service campaign
  31. In our high tech & high touch work environment ensure that your website is interactive
  32. Review your service policies, recovery plans & implementation, pricing, packaging & promotion
  33. Display testimonials from satisfied clients prominently

How To Manage & Handle An Angry Or Dissatisfied Customer (DEFUSE)

D on’t lose your cool & apologize immediately

E ncourage customers to vent their feelings

F ind out the facts

U nderstand the situation & the customers’ feelings or the issue

S uggest a way to solve the problem

E nd on a positive note

Great Ways To Sell With Service

  1. Get your customers’ attention in a positive manner                
  2. Mirror back what the customer tells you
  3. Send literature first & then follow up                                       
  4. Learn your customers’ critical sales factors
  5. State what you want & ask if hey have time to talk                 
  6. Turn incoming service calls into sales opportunities
  7. Use a third party reference                                                         
  8. Present new options
  9. Ask lots of questions
  10. State the benefits of what you are selling


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