INTEGRITY: The most important element of leadership

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Leadership training is one of the most crucial element in driving an corporate organisation towards success, and integrity is the key for the ultimate leadership. Words and deeds match up. It is not what we do as much as who we are. And who we are in turn determine what we do. Wisdom is knowing the right path to take …. Integrity is taking it. 

Integrity is choosing your thoughts and actions based on your values rather than personal gain. If you lose your integrity, you’ll also lose your identity, your sensitivity and your dignity. Integrity is honesty, modesty and security in all kinds of weather. It should be any leader’s priority. In any management training course, this is an important aspect. 

Live in such a way that if someone spoke badly of yo, nobody would believe it.
Real integrity is doing the right thing knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not. 

1. Accomplish Tough and/or Difficult Jobs

This immediately earns respect. Learn to improve your problem solving skills. Identify the difficult jobs that you have the skills to accomplish. Evaluate what you need to do to take it on.

2. Pay Their Dues

This means you may have to sacrifice some personal goals. True leadership skills makes one to get out of comfort zone and do things you have never done before. Keep learning & growing. Take time to reflect what specifically you will need to sacrifice in order to grow as a leader

3. Work in Obscurity

The real true test of integrity is whether you are willing to do something because it matters not because it will get you noticed.

4. Succeed with Difficult People

Learn to work at finding common ground and connecting with them. Instead of putting these difficult people in their place, try to put themselves in their place.
Identify those who produces results but are a challenge to work with. List down some or any common ground you have with this person. Figure out ways and means to control and improve working relationship with this challenging person.

5. Put Themselves on the Line

Take a risk. Play it smart but don’t play it safe. Describe risk to take to benefit org. Reflect on the possible scenarios that would put you on the line and scenarios or situations where you would put someone else on the line. When considering possible outcomes, jot down the best case and worst case scenario. What are the reasons that makes you hesitate? The leadership skill is often underestimated which only makes one to lose their credibility.

6. Admit Faults But Never Make Excuses.

It’s always either Performance or Excuse. It is the same as Results or Reasons.
Make decision as to which you will accept from yourself. If you fall short, work to overcome your mistakes.

7. Do More Than Expected

When you do this, you stand out, you earn respect and you get wonderful results waiting for you. Identify the opportunities where you can excel and do more than is expected of you.

8. Leaders Are First To Step Up And Help

The moment you do this, you immediately gain influence, trust and respect. This type of leadership training will make sure you stand as the best among others in your corporate organisation. 

9. Perform Tasks That’re “Not Their Jobs”

The goal is to get the job done so as to fulfill the organization’s vision and mission. You just have to do what it takes. Grab the opportunity to take on a task that isn’t necessarily “your job” but you do what it takes in order to help your organization. 

10. Leaders Take Responsibility for Their Responsibilities. Don’t blame.

The captain of a ship always leave the last, if a ship drowns. That is the ethic a leader should own. This leadership style requires true grit and involvement as it is not easy to perform. 
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Written by RACHEL KHOR 

Principal Trainer, Peak Success Abundance Sdn Bhd

From Directive Communication International & American Institute of Business Psychology:

– Certification in Colored Brain Communication
– Certification in Human Drive & Motivation
– Certification in Dynamic Speaking
– Certification in Curriculum Development
– PSMB Certified Trainer
– Certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
– Certification in Hypnotherapy from London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH)
– 18 years corporate training experience

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