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Luxury Branding Is Not About Getting A Consumer To Choose
A Luxury Brand Over The Competition.
It’s About Getting Them To See
Your Brand As The Only Solution To Their Desire And Wants!

They appear. Talk. Grab attention. Promise. Create Experience. Thrill. Mesmerize. Entice. And Seduce. They are in your life forever. Your brand is your business and your business is your brand! Customers will recognize your company, your product, your service and your status through your brand. You can build an incredible brand through messages, images and ads but whether you realize it or not, your company is creating this reputation with everything that you, your local affiliates and your employees do. So you need to make sure you are consistently living up to your brand each and every day.

The most important part of brand management is ongoing maintenance and control. Proper brand management involves making sure that each promotional piece, touch point and every usage of your name, logo and message supports your organization and goals by reinforcing your brand in the way you intended. This allows you continue to strengthen the association your brand imprints on your customers. Even the best brands can fall apart if not managed properly.

“P&G’s decision to formally end the era of “marketing” at the company and make the shift to brand management may accelerate what amounts to much more than a title change for marketers generally.”

Brand management is the science of crafting and sustaining a brand. This means defining the brand, positioning the brand, and delivering the brand value constantly. Branding creates customer commitment to your business. A robust brand differentiates its products from the competitors and gives your business a leg up on the others, allowing you to increase sales and grow your business.

In short, Brand is a set of promises. It implies trust, consistency and a set of expectations. The strongest brands in the world own a place in the mind of consumers’ mind and when they are mentioned almost everyone thinks of the same thing. The basic objective of building powerful brands is primarily influencing purchasing behavior through creating an identity in the mind of consumers.

In this intensive Luxury Brand Management training, we talk about the criteria and strategies needed for a brand to shift and level up to either a more premium brand among the category or better still to level up to the Luxury Level.

Below are the learning outcomes for the training course:

  • Differentiate Your Products Or Services From The Competition In A Significant Way
  • Trigger Instant Recognition With Customers And Prospects
  • Place Your Company Top-Of-Mind With Their Audience
  • Develop Systematic And Creative Solutions For Business And Brand Management
  • Capitalize On Mind Share To Help Drive Sales
  • See Better Return On Investment, More Brand Awareness
  • Identifying & charting your true identity as a Super Hero at work!
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