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This two days intensive presentation skills training course is specially customized to meet training needs in upgrading staff competencies to meet present and future corporate challenges. It is suitable for executives and managers who need to enhance their presentation and general communication skills.

An effective presentation is one that achieves the objective of getting the audience to take an intended and specific action e.g. buying a product, subscribing to a service, approving a proposal etc. To achieve this, the presenter needs to incorporate ingredients of dynamic delivery, critical content and persuasive PowerPoint into the presentation. These are the ingredients, which will transform any boring and ineffective presentation into one, which is impactful, engaging and highly effective.

In this program, participants will firstly acquire basic presentation skills required for delivering effective presentations. Next, participants will learn to use PowerPoint effectively, which is an essential skill in today’s corporate environment. Finally, participants will learn to deliver an impactful presentation with the PowerPoint as a visual aid. At the end of the program, participants will be able to deliver professional and effective presentations with the PowerPoint confidently, persuasively and stylishly.

Below are the learning outcomes for the training course:

  • Identify various ways of delivering powerful presentations
  • Plan and organize content to ensure sufficient information
  • Enhance body language by projecting the right tone for effective delivery
  • Transform boring and ineffective presentations into exciting and effective ones
  • Incorporate elements of dynamic delivery, critical content and persuasive PowerPoint into any presentation
  • Anticipate and fulfill the audience expectations
  • Use the PowerPoint as a visual aid to improve understanding
  • Include relevant and visually interesting visual elements into the PowerPoint
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