In-House Training Course

Successful Selling Skills – Selling With Passion & Power

In Malaysia based business, it is said that nothing happens until a sale is made. What happens before that is a commitment on the part of somebody to grow & to learn. This training course, makes it clear that the road to wealth is paved with education & learning. So my question to you, the sales director….. 

Strategic & Successful Negotiation

Do you usually avoid negotiations because you find them uncomfortable? Do you spend long nights wide awake when you have to climb out of bed the next morning before sunrise to negotiate one thing or another? This training course will help you to be confident in negotiations and learn the required skills…

Improving Sales Using NLP Techniques

It’s getting harder & harder to get people to buy in this economy. People today have less money, less credit & more general buying anxiety. To thrive in sales today, you don’t need to be good at convincing people to buy. With this training course, you will know the need to be great at inspiring people to buy….

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Increasing Global Business Through Social Media Marketing

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Strategic Sales Negotiation For Profit

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Handling Sales Objections

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Managing Key Accounts

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