Steps to regain optimism

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Retrain your brain to focus on the positive. Take charge of your happiness and well-being of your mental-state or mental blueprint. 

1. Affirmations and Repetitions


2. Think Good & Feel Good About Yourself

Your happiness is your responsibility. Gain inner peace through daily meditation. As mind becomes peaceful, easier to choose happiness habit.

Don’t indulge in self-limiting thinking. Think empowering, expansive thoughts. Live fully in present moment. When you live in past/ future you aren’t able to make things happen in the present


3. Visualization and Meditation

If you can see, feel and believe in your mind, you can hold it in your hands. Create a mind movie of all your all your goals whether its health, abundance, career, money, relationships, family etc. 

4. Create a Vision Board

Search and select pictures (from magazines, internet, brochures etc) that represent all your life’s goals. Paste them on a big cardboard placed next to your bed. This makes it easier for you to visualize all your dream goals before sleep and first thing upon waking.


4. Acknowledge The Beauty And Strength Of Who You Really Are 

Focus on appreciating these qualities in yourself and others. Make a list of all the things that are great about you and the other. Include talents, sensitivities, accomplishments, caring and generous activities, courage or other virtues – everything you can think of. Don’t be satisfied until have a good long list. Post this list where you’ll see it frequently and read it!


5. Spend Time Each Day Listening To Music You Love And Sing

Music is food for the soul. Listening to your favourite songs and music


6. Dance Your  Worries And Boredom Away

Dancing invigorates body, jump start the heart, warms up muscles, forces you to laugh at yourself and makes you feel silly but happy. It’s impossible to feel down and melancholy when you are frolicking, swaying and skipping to some awesome music. Dancing provides instant endorphins. 

Join a dance class or the gym. Learn to salsa or do the cha cha. What about freestyle dancing – anything goes. Try the fun and sexy moves in zumba. When was the last time you danced? This morning take 15 minutes to dance around your room to your favorite music. Dance as if no body is watching. Sometimes go a little mad and act little out of character or hop around like clown. 


7. Read Books With Satisfying Ending and Watch Feel Good Movies 

Don’t drench your soul with books that negate and poison your attitude towards life. Seek out books that are inspiring, stimulating and uplifting. Watch lighthearted, humorous, playful TV shows and movies. Stay away from anything dark, sinister, violent and repulsive . Refocus your attention onto positive stories when watching and reading the news. 


8. Rediscover Something You Loved As A Child

Reflect back to what you loved in your younger days or when you were in school. Play and fun are essential ingredients of a happy childhood – things that adults too often neglect and forget in their pursuit of their careers. Think hard. Recollect what you loved to do when you were a kid and search for a way to bring that into your life today. For me it was sitting on a swing in the gathering dusk  in the garden and dreaming of far way lands.


9. Travel To New Countries And Do Things Not Done Before

Travel to faraway lands, learn a new language and immerse in a completely  different culture. Go somewhere new and different. Do something different like taking a walk along a new path, checking out the cuisine in a different restaurant or  . Or be more adventurous and try hang gliding, scuba diving, backpacking with a group, caving, kayaking, bowling …. Go somewhere new once a week and really pay attention to your surroundings.


10. Connect  And Spend Quality Time With Friends

Connect in a meaningful way with friends who make you feel good and cherished. Once a week, make a date with a friend to have lunch together or even a cup of coffee at your breakfast table.


11. Surround Yourself  With Positive And Happy People

Their emotional states will be infectious. Surround yourself with people who encourages you, supports and care for you.

12. Continuously Improve And Upgrade Yourself

Attend self improvement courses regularly. Learn a new skill. Immerse in a new hobby. Spend at least 1hour a day in self-development. Read good books or listen to inspiring tapes. Driving to & from work is an excellent opportunity to listen to self-improvement tapes.


13. Review All Things Where You Blame Yourself

Write each one and repeat, “I forgive myself for …… I release myself from any guilt or blame, now and forever”. This may seem foolish or magical especially if you don’t “feel” any forgiving. Do it anyway. It’s up to you to create its reality by directing your intention.


Repeat the name of person you want to forgive (including yourself) as you picture him/her in your mind’s eye. Begin to see and feel good things and blessings happening for him. Don’t be satisfied with a few good things. Let your imagination run and bless yourself and the other abundantly and outrageously.


14. Don’t Worry About Trivial Issues 

It is not what happens to you but how you perceive & how you respond to it that makes the difference in your life. Constantly just reacting to your environment only serves to amplify the stress and tensions in your life. Don’t sweat the small stuff for eventually it all becomes small stuff.


15. Nothing Is Permanent 

Happiness is nothing more than excellent health and a bad memory. Actually, what people need to be happy is right inside them, regardless of whatever trials & challenges may happen outside and around them. Set your goals for the future but focus on the NOW – what is happening right now!. Trying to change things beyond your control will only frustrate you. Recognize what you can and can’t control – focus solely on things you can control.


16. No Comparison With Others 

Realize that you’re unique and special. Compete only with yourself. Unhappiness is defined as difference between our talents and expectations. Jealousy & envy will only propagate discontent while anger will breed only unhappiness. Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success.


17. Live In The Present Moment – The NOW


18. Giving Is Getting

Happiness is like a kiss…must share it to enjoy it.


19. Contributing, Sharing and Caring


20. Always Count Your Blessing

Look at those less privileged. We always tend to forget there are many things in our lives we are grateful for. Realize today how blessed you’re and you’ll be happier. Start each day with a grateful heart.


Real tragedy in life is not in how much we suffer, but rather in how much we miss, so don’t miss a thing.

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