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There is no denying that among all available management financing techniques budgetary control is probably the least misunderstood and the most misused. It is often poorly planned and implemented. The wrong application of budgetary control could then lead to avoidance of the budget and manipulation of the budget finding.

Budgetary control needs to be introduced at the correct time in the correct way if it is to be effective. Efficient profit planning techniques can improve the overall management of any organization and companies that plan are definitely more successful than those that do not.

A new climate, with an emphasis on competitiveness, quality and flexibility, means organizations must rethink their approaches to:

  • Inflexible budgets which are unable to reflect on-going sudden changes
  • The external dimensions of customer needs in addition to internal aspects of cost management
  • Decision making for “what if”

A special feature of this course is the opportunity to get sound advice on problems directly concerning your company. You will benefit too from the exchange of ideas and views with their managers who faced problems similar to yours.

ACT NOW to end your battles with finances – use your experience & knowledge to successfully plan & control your profits and budgets or to update an existing system.

To increase your understanding of profit & cash flow forecasts, corporate plans, functional interdependence and budgets as effective business tools, the following key areas are:

  • Evaluate proper budget guidelines & process
  • Reflect on the best selection of forecasting techniques to reduce risk & uncertainty
  • Learn about master budget & zero based budgeting
  • The evaluation steps to the “high tech” solution to your budgeting process
  • The human element in budgeting
  • Confidently make decisions about budgets, finance and accounts
  • Weigh up the advantages & disadvantages of different budgeting and financing techniques
  • Maximize future growth potential with effective strategy formulation & “best practice” business budgeting and planning
  • Understand the need for good budget construction & the basic techniques for budgetary control
  • Explain the main financial statements & how they are used to monitor and control business performance
  • Master the critical issues in profit planning
  • The staff who will be responsible for entering data into the budget system or training other how to enter information
  • Those who want to gain control of the firm’s financial standing and obtain a firm grasp on the numbers side of their job
  • General Accounting


  • The planning process
  • Setting the control mechanism
  • Financial control performance criteria
  • Setting up the budget committee
  • Budget proposal, guidelines & assumptions
  • Budget approval system, revision & adoption
  • Timetable
  • Implementation, administration & review of budget


  • Planning process
  • Administrating the budget
  • Setting the control mechanism
  • Financial control performance criteria
  • Setting up the budget committee department
  • Budget proposal, guidelines and assumptions
  • Timetable
  • Approval system and revision


  • Sales Budget
  • Production Budget
  • Sales, Distribution & Administrative Expenses Budgets
  • Working Capital Budget
  • Finance Budgets (Capital Expenditure Budget & Long Term, Working Capital Budget)
  • Budgeted Profit & Loss Account (master Budget)
  • Budgeted Balance Sheet (master Budget)

Case Study I – The formulation of the various budgets


  • Distortion caused by fixed budget due to cost behavior (fixed & variable cost)
  • At varying activity level
  • Example on distortion that arises due to changing output levels
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using flexible budgets
  • Cost behaviors – fixed and variable cost
  • High and low method
  • Regression analysis


  • Zero Base Budgeting
  • Activity Base Budgeting.
  • Kaizen Budgeting (applied in Toyota Motor Japan)


  • The difficulty level
  • Fairness to all departments and divisions
  • Appropriate organization structure to support the implementation of budget
  • Reward system
  • The common reasons of failure of budgeting


  • Forecasting methods
  • Qualitative approach
  • Quantitative approach
  • Selection of forecasting methods
  • Forecasting cash flow


  • Sales
  • Operation & production
  • Materials, labor and overheads
  • Marketing & administrative expenses
  • Budgeted income statement
  • Budgeted balance sheet
  • Other financial resource items


  • Priority budgeting for better resources allocation
  • Identification of decision units
  • The ranking system
  • Documentation flow for ZBB


  • Factors to consider
  • Types of decisions to make
  • Methods used
  • Capital budgeting process
  • Risk uncertainty


  • Types of software packs
  • Use of spreadsheet in budgets and forecasting
  • Factors to considers in evaluation of modeling software


  • Objectives of profit planning
  • Return on investments
  • Volume cost profit relationship
  • Break-even and contribution margin analysis
  • Financial modeling


  • Appraisal system for manager’s performance
  • Responsibility centre
  • Revenue centre
  • Profit centre
  • Investment centre


A combination of class lectures, case studies or examples and group discussion. The course will be intensive but practical and highly interactive. There will be a question-and-answer session to allow participants enough time to seek answers to grey areas and to seek clarifications to any misconceptions or problems they may have regarding the subject concerned to the course. There will also be some indoor experiential activities to enhance learning.


Joanna Kok Yee Lan is a certified PSMB Trainer & certified MIM Trainer. She is also a Certified Accountant. She has conducted many trainings on various areas & aspects of finance including topics on Finance For Non Financial Executives, Budget Planning & Control, Financial Planning & Control, Evaluating Financial Statements, Financial Analysis, Preparing Full Set Of Accounts.

Joanna who graduated as a certified accountant (FCCA) from United Kingdom, also has 8 years experience in audit, manufacturing & investment holding businesses. She has accumulated vast, hands-on working experiences in strategic, organizational analysis & planning. The role as Financial Controller has best utilized her managerial, operational experience & financial analysis skills. She stepped up the controls in the area of credit, inventory & business processes that had generated millions of cash inflow and cost savings to the businesses. Her 3 years experience in China of setting up the joint venture business has added her strengths on business & financial controlling skills.

Currently, Joanna is a freelance technical & training consultant. She speaks on MASB standards & accounting and audit issues regularly and extensively throughout Malaysia for both MIA (Malaysian Institute of Accountants), ACCA and CPA Australia. In addition, she also conducts technical in-house training on accounting issues for commercial companies and training institutions.

Her exposure & passion in people development enhance the quality of training & making each one of them unique and experiential. Her fun & energetic personality has made her training sessions practical, high learning spirit & performance orientated. Along with that she has completed the Train the Trainer Program conducted by PSMB & MIM.

Her assertiveness & resourcefulness has driven her venturing into training and consultancy fields. She has conducted many trainings on financial for non-finance executives, project management, inventory management & finance related topics. Her financial, analytical and controlling experiences have actually contributed greatly to making the training sessions very practical & performance orientated.

Her exposure & passion in people development enhance the quality of training and making each one of them unique and experiential.

Joanna always receives excellent ratings & comments from the participants she trained in. This is because she is able to take a complex subject like finance & accounting and is able to make it easy for participants to understand. She is able to make the training enjoyable, captivating & interesting while imparting her extensive knowledge on finance & financial matters. She uses lots of case examples, case studies, exercises, activities, group discussions & brainstorming sessions to make sure participants understand what is being taught.

Her Training Topics include:

  • Finance Analysis & Planning
  • Finance for Non Financial Executives
  • Inventory Management
  • Financial Wisdom in Interpreting KPIs
  • Working Smart with Excel
  • Effective Budget Planning & Control Using Excel
  • Application of Microsoft Project
  • Basic Project Management
  • Credit Management
  • Targeted Selection

Her List of Clientele includes:

  • Hualon Group
  • Selangor Human Resource Development Centre (SHRDC)
  • Iverson
  • Syncoates Sdn Bhd
  • Infineon Technologies (Kulim) Sdn Bhd
  • Utusan Malaysia



David Lam (FCCA, CA) has 33 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions, business development and management. He is a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), United Kingdom and Chartered Accountant (CA), Malaysia.

David’s professional background, accumulated experiences and track records will certainly enhance your personal and business value through his tailor made training courses.

Among the Major Experiences & Track Records are:

  • Executive Director, China operations of a Public Listed Company (PLC) in Malaysia
  • Chairman, deputy Chairman or director of 10 joint venture companies in China
  • Executive Director, Mergers and Acquisitions of a PLC, Malaysia
  • Executive Director, Malaysia Institute of Accountants
  • Director of Marketing of a PLC in Malaysia
  • Financial Controller of a Multi National Corporation
  • Internal Auditor of a PLC Malaysia
  • Audit senior in firms of Chartered Accountants in United Kingdom and Singapore
  • President, Association of Credit Management, Malaysia
  • Conducted some 100 public and in-house training seminars in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taiwan and China

He conduct seminars in the following areas of expertise namely Financial Planning & Control, Finance for Non Financial Directors, Credit Management, Strategic Management, Strategic Thinking, Sun Tzu Art of War, Corporate Planning and Business Planning.

Throughout his illustrious career as Chartered Accountant, Investment Adviser, Management Strategist and Corporate Planner. He is well versed and teaches on Sun Tzu art of War besides the western concept of planning & strategizing. Due to his vast financial background and senior corporate experience David Lam is well poised to conduct a power packed, informative & highly valuable course for senior members of your company.

Some of the companies he has conducted training for include Acer, Aiwa, Aktif Lifestyle, AIA, Bank of America, Amanah Factors, Bank Pembangunan (Indonesia), Bank Central Asia (Indonesia), Casio, Corrugated Carton Products, Farlim Group Berhad, Parkson, Khind, Johnson & Johnson, Lam Soon, Kodak, Leisure Holidays, Jabil Circuit, Magnum, BNM, Astro, Bangkok Bank, Malaysia Tobacco Company

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