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  • Do you usually avoid negotiations because you find them uncomfortable?
  • Do you spend long nights wide awake when you have to climb out of bed the next morning before sunrise to negotiate one thing or another?
  • Do lots of your negotiations bring about misunderstandings rather than new worthwhile enterprises?
  • Have you ever dreamed that you could fly through a deal without being seen as hostile or overconfident?

If your response to the majority of these questions is YES, then you need a ‘helping hand’, and if you attempt to focus on these next useful points, you’ll find that negotiating is as ‘easy as pie’.

It’s usually the variety of expectations, emotions and strategies involved that really applies the pressure to the negotiator, which easily can – and often does, steer the process in the wrong direction.

  • Become a more effective negotiator by developing your “tool kit” of negotiation tactics and strategies
  • Learn tactics that work in the real world
  • Master persuasiveness and influence in negotiation
  • Establish and build instant rapport with the other party
  • Ensure you do not lose out in any business dealings
  • Learn to get what you want without generating bad feelings
  • Turn objections into business agreements
  • Evaluate your level of confidence and preparation – always know if the other side is telling the truth
  • Find out how to avoid giving away too much
  • Analyze and improve so as to arrive at win-win negotiating outcomes
  • Master key negotiation techniques required for business success
  • Be able to practice tactics to prevent & break deadlocks
  • Learn some of the key negotiation tactics & strategies that top negotiators employ in their business dealings
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