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Many of the happiest, most successful, well adjusted people are those who have learned to respond to high levels of stress in a positive & balanced way

People are becoming more & more aware of how a healthy diet, regular exercise & stress reduction techniques can increase their personal wellness & productivity

Our minds & bodies need rest & recovery breaks to allow us to relax & to reduce the effects of stress. While everyone has days that are more hectic & unfocused, consistently feeling “stressed out,” rushed & constantly on the go can have a detrimental impact on a person, increasing the risk of experiencing a serious physical concern, such as heart disease or stroke. Best way to care for oneself is to make time to calm down & reduce stress, using relaxation techniques both proactively & reactively.

Wellness is a lifelong journey to optimal health including physical, mental, emotional & financial well-being. Path to stress management & wellness is different for everyone, but it must start with you engaged in your well-being. Health wellness seminars are for promoting a healthier workplace.

Our stress management & wellness course helps:

  • Reduce direct & indirect health costs
  • Improve employee productivity
  • Motivate & teach employees to stay healthier
  • Good health is attainable!


  • Assessing stress levels & sources of stress
  • Stopping self sabotage
  • Employ physical & mental techniques for coping with stress
  • Powerful relaxation, deep breathing & meditation techniques
  • Value of nutrition, exercise & sleep in coping with stress
  • Stress management techniques you can use right now: stress busters & energizers
  • Create reachable goal setting & learn how to prioritize & determine what is really important
  • Awesome sessions that gives fast & effective results using sound, movement & exercises
  • Begin implementing goals created during the session
  • Personal action plan & prescription for success

This Stress Management & Wellness seminar is for anyone encountering pressure in working environment & who would like to feel better equipped to handle it. Learn how to stand up to stress & see it as an opportunity for personal growth & development and not a threat.

It is designed for you to recognize symptoms of stress & attune yourself to deal with it in a positive manner. Appropriate action can be taken, lessening risk of the stress encroaching on general health & well-being.

Stress – related disorders have become increasingly common. The wear & tear caused by chronic stress can contribute to physical & mental breakdown. Some disorders such as hypertension have reached almost epidemic proportions. Because of these increases, stress & the way of dealing with it, have become areas of major concern.


  • Identifying sources & symptoms of stress
  • What is “Stress Response” & how it works
  • Healthy tension or stress – how much stress is too much stress?
  • Burnout: ways a person can react to stress

Individual Exercise: Identifying Stress Points & Drainers In Your Lives
Questionnaire Test : Holmes Rahe Stress Rating, Stress Exhaustion & Burnout


  • Knowing yourself – are you a stress prone Type “A” Personality or a Constant Worrier?
  • Understand the coping process
  • Communicating effectively
  • Problem solving
  • Manage your finances well
  • Modify behavior – GIGO!
  • Simplify your life!
  • Never be out of control – choosing instead of reacting
  • Goal setting – learn to step back & tips to see the bigger picture
  • Time management & prioritization – don’t sweat the small stuff!
  • Leading a balanced life

Role Play: The Scaling Technique
Practice Session: Self Talk Therapy & VAKS Technique
Group Discussion: Reframing & 4AsTechnique


  • Self-sabotaging behaviors – result of negative thoughts & poor choices
  • Develop new habits after becoming aware
  • Reduce emotional reactions to stress – handling fear, anger, frustration, worry & guilt
  • Maintain your emotional reserves

Practice Session: EFT Technique
Practice Session: Change Your Physiology
Practice Session: Change Your Focus


  • Ratio Breathing
  • Loosen the Grip
  • Healing laughter – laughter is the best medicine

Guided Practical Session


  • Baroque music & massage session
  • Eye relaxation technique
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation for stress relief
  • Tapping into imagery/guided relaxation – Blue Light, Red Light
  • Visualization technique – Warm Hands & Lotus Pond Exercise
  • The Glass of Water technique for solving problems

Guided Practical Session


Think you’re too busy to eat healthy & squeeze in fitness? Think again. One step at a time, you may improve your lifestyle & health. Making simple changes to your lifestyle habits may add up to a healthier you. Learn the secret healthy habits that may put a zip in your step, whittle your waistline & promote wellness. Healthy habits can be as easy as 1-2-3, realistic & good for the entire family. This session may change your life & help you on your journey toward better health & wellness.


  • 12 Master Principles Of A Vital Life : 8 Gifts & 4 Poisons
  • What is Nutritional healing or diet therapy?
  • Detoxify – use food, exercise & your own mind as your medicine!

8. AWESOME SESSIONS – EFFECTIVE & FAST RESULTS (unique combination of sound, movement, exercises & techniques that will blow your mind away!)

  • Accessing your inner strength/‘chi’ centre. Getting to the core of your energy center. Plus detoxification of negative energy & other toxins in body
  • A unique technique to enter your inner world where time stands still as a lot of stress comes from time ie deadlines & schedules
  • Get rid of negative energy & emotions through sound & movement techniques


Accelerated Learning Technique based on the 4Ps: Preparation, Presentation,  Practice,   Performance

To make the training effective & thought provoking yet lively & entertaining, the trainer utilizes a combination of various training methodologies including a combination of expert input plus practical sessions including:

  • Instructions, Group Discussions, Presentations, Video Films & Clips
  • Brainstorming Sessions, Practical Hands On Sessions
  • Demonstrations, Role Play, Games & Activities
  • Creative Music, Visualization, Clearing Techniques
  • NLP Tools, Notes & Hand Outs, Group & Individual Exercises


A practical, easy to read yet thorough set of notes for the participants. It is wonderfully & carefully written with relevant & humorous pictures. The manual also include relevant checklists, workable templates, guidelines, work sheets plus step by step procedures of all the techniques, strategies & tools taught in this course. It is definitely NOT a set of notes downloaded from the internet or a series of power point slides with just a few words or 2-3 sentences. It is finalized after years of research, painstaking revisions & thorough checking for accuracies. It is content-rich but summarized for easy reading & follow through. This Is Rachel Khor’s Special Gift To The Participants As A Fantastic Takeaway After The Training.

RACHEL KHOR – Creative, Dynamic, Inspiring, Charismatic, Versatile

  • Certified Master Performance Coach (ICF Approved – International Coach Federation)
  • From DC Psychology International & American Institute of Business Psychology
    • Certification in Colored Brain Communication
    • Certification in Human Drivers & Motivation
    • Certification in Dynamic Speaking
    • Certification in Curriculum Development
  • Certified Trainer in Emotional Quotient
  • Trained with Master Cheng Hung Yeh in Truth of Emotions Through Movements, Energy Dance (Body, Mind & Soul), Language Communication
  • Certified Professional Facilitator
  • Certified Trainer PSMB (Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia)
  • Certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Certification in Hypnotherapy from London College of Clinical Hypnosis (LCCH)

She is currently the Principal Trainer & Chief Learning Strategist with Peak Success Abundance Sdn Bhd as well as an experienced entrepreneur and businesswoman.

Rachel Khor is also a Master Trainer in Emotional Intelligence & Emotional Drivers, Success Tools & Colored Brain, Creativity & Thinking Outside The Box, Problem Solving Skills, Master Your Mind, Communication, Negotiation, Peak Performance, Goal Setting, Positive Work Attitude, Leadership & Sales Warriors.

She has also undertaken training, consultancy & facilitation projects with various companies, both private and public sectors. She is a sought after Learning & Development Strategist, People Developer, Trainer, Coach & Mentor.

Her training & coaching incorporate effective evaluation methods, powerful techniques of varied disciplines and practical tools for all her learning solutions.

Driven by a passion for delivering awesomeness, she ensures she execute cutting edge learning technologies, share highly relevant knowledge, provide critical & up to date information, deliver time tested methodologies and conduct interactive sessions – all are formulated to achieve results like never before.

Her determination and speed in producing training solutions is one of the key reasons our clients and customers keep coming back to her over and over again.  Her research, knowledge & experience made Rachel Khor in the front line within her profession.

She loves people development – during her high impact training sessions she is dynamic, dedicated & results driven. She utilizes Accelerated Training methodologies to inspire change and fast results. She trains with her personal brand of positivity, charisma, creativity & focus which greatly motivates her participants to achieve greater heights of achievement & accomplishment.

Participants have described her sessions as inspiring, thought provoking, energetic, highly interactive and easy to understand.

During her sessions, her ability to be neutral, non-judgmental, supporting the group and upholding its wisdom has allowed her to effectively extract participation in a magical way.

Based on the belief that every individual has a core genius and the ability to soar given the right opportunities; Rachel’s training methodology breaks limiting beliefs, overcomes obstacles & cultivates trust across cultures.

She achieves this by ensuring her training is relevant, result oriented, solution based – made fresh with new ideas, strategies and techniques.


Clients From Rachel’s Inhouse & Public Training Include…


Petronas Holdings, Petronas Dagangan, Petronas Carigali, Petronas Penapisan, Petco, BP Amoco, Shell


Bank Negara Malaysia, Kementerian Kewangan, Securities Commission, Ambank Unit Trust, UOB Bank, HSBC, EON Bank, Exim Bank, ADFIM, MBF Cards, Danajamin, Pan Malaysia Pools


MAA Assurance, Malaysian Reinsurance, Tokio Marine Insurans, ACE Insurance, Aneka Insurance, Malaysian Institue of Insurance


AIC Semiconductor, Agilent, Ansell, Bristol Industries, Cam Precision, Camcar Textron, Compaq, Continental Sime Tyre, Dell, Emhart Glass, Formosa Prosonic, Kotak, Infineon, Impressive Edge, Jasa Kita, Kanzen, Merck, Mimos, MRCB Bhd,  Selangor Industrial Corporation, Samsung, Sara Lee, Munchy’s, Scenic Moulding Bhd, Kossan Rubber, Cameroon, LG Aluminium, Royal Selangor International, Sharp Roxy, SIRIM, Tencate, Takeuzi, Texchem, Totokiki, Toshiba, Watta Battery, Niro Ceramic, White Horse Ceramic, V Source, WPG International


Malaysian Airport, MAS, KLAS Airport Services, Port of Tanjung Pelepas, Westport, Johor Port, TNB, Telekom, Maxis


Sunrise, SP Setia, Selangor Dredging, Worldwide Holdings, Global Bond, ERF, TPPT, IOI Group


Genting Group, Hotel Equatorial, Hotel Puteri Pacific, Eastin Hotel, Saujana Resort Genting Group


Subang Medical Centre, Ampang Puteri Hospital


Malaysian Export Academy/Exporters Club, Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM), UEM Academy, Naza Academy, Vistage Malaysia (CEOs Club)


Open University, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, Universiti Malaya


Ministry of Finance, Minsitry of Health, Minsitry of Agriculture, Perancangan Bandar & Desa, DBKL, Permodalan Nasional Berhad

1. THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX – Joanne Yew, Executive, Danajamin Nasional Bhd

“Rachel is a most creative, dynamic & charismatic trainer with lots of new, fresh ideas. She has incredible rapport with us”  

2. EFECTIVE TIME MANAGEMENT – Azizi Bin Doraman, Supervisor, Petronas Chemicals Marketing Labuan

“Rachel clearly demonstrate the techniques & how the results can be achieved. I will definitely practice her techniques once back at the office”

3. INTERPERSONAL & PEOPLE SKILLS – Widyawati Mohd Nor, Executive, Fibrecomm Network (M) Sdn Bhd

“This training has helped me tremendously on a personal & professional capacity. What respect about Rachel is her caring attitude where she takes the time & trouble to stay back after the seminar to advise & provide further guidance”

4. 10 KEY TOOLS FOR WORK SUCCESS – Siti Kasmah, Executive Secretary, Sarawak Shell Berhad

“What I learn the most is how you adjust yourself & get along with people. Highly recommended!. Worth to share. Be positive – all the good things will be on your side”

5. EQ AT THE WORKPLACE – Mohammad Zaki Bin Musa, Supervisor, Petco Trading Labuan Company Ltd

“What I like about Rachel is her ability to make a complicated concept or techniques so easy to understand & follow. She mixes no nonsense pragmatic & practical ideas & tools with creative & mind power techniques. This is simply awesome!”

6. PEAK PERFORMANCE & SUCCESS SKILLS – Oon Gaik Chiou, Bank Officer, UOB Bank Penang

“Rachel is a great trainer. I’m grateful for her sharing, training & guidance. If I’m given another opportunity to attend her training again, I would love to”

7. PEAK PERFORMANCE & SUCCESS SKILLS – Ting Wei Ing, Bank Officer, UOB Bank Penang

“Excellent & fantastic trainer! Shared her real life experiences with us. Taught us practically & relate to our jobs. Very professional. Well Done!”

8. CREATIVITY, LATERAL THINKING & PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS – Amir Rashid, Training Manager/Norashikin Idris, Training Executive, KLAS Airport Services 

“Rachel conducted 2 inhouse workshops on the above topic. The participants gave her excellent rating. They found her training useful, practical, interactive & easy to understand”

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