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In the world of business it is said that nothing happens until a sale is made. What happens before that is a commitment on the part of somebody to grow & to learn. There comes a moment when it becomes clear that the road to wealth is paved with education & learning. So my question to you, the sales director or sales manager is this:

If your income was to increase by a mere 10% as a result of a little more knowledge about how to present yourself in a sales presentation & if it was to increase by a minimal 20% as a result of knowing how to handle objections & rejections & if it was to possibly bump your numbers by another 15% by knowing how to play to your inherent strengths & if you could add another 10% by studying the 5 breeds of sales warriors & how to generate cash from each breed … how would that affect your cash flow?

Your sales people need to build the focus, the skills & the strengths that are necessary to get them from where they are now to where they want to be in sales. Whether a person is a new or a seasoned sales person, they can definitely learn new skills if they are committed to learning & growing. Then the money will definitely roll in. This is not true in every business but is definitely true in sales. Because sales is a true personal development journey. Each time your people learn about selling, about people, about presenting, about marketing, about handling objections will put money directly into your company’s & their pockets.

Life issues us all a series of challenges, obstacles, opportunities & puzzles. Those that learn early how to navigate those waters, become the winners & warriors in the end.

There is no training in the world that prepares a person for that as well as sales. Sales provides a constant confrontation with oneself, one’s environment, other people & mindsets. People learn everyday about who they are & what they are made of.

A true sales warrior knows that training means cash!! Here’s to continually learning & growing!!

  • Be able to access & develop the great sales person within you
  • Master the I.M.P.A.C.T. System of Sales. Here you are given a workable, proven & well tested sales formula from prospecting to closing the deal
  • Learn how to achieve results desired in cold calling & telemarketing
  • Practice tested & proven techniques in prospecting, planning, qualifying target market
  • Learn about professional sales body language, impression, technique of commonality & business meeting etiquette
  • Acquire super probing power where questioning techniques can get a sales person to YES!
  • Get a ready made Target Market Template to allow you to understand your prospects thoroughly
  • Create a USP for your company, create massive value & sell benefits
  • Master effective techniques of handling & tackling objections
  • Learn 5 easy steps to a professional sales presentation
  • Get a ready to use Personal Mega Credibility & USP Template as a means of mesmerizing your prospects
  • Discover the secrets of Emotional Buying Curve & how to instill psychological debt in prospects to close sales & make clients feel good about decisions
  • Produce higher closing ratios using Sales Warrior Hidden Closing Tactics. Learn to use psychology & engage in emotional selling to hasten sales closure
  • Learn to avoid silly mistakes that can cost you & your company dearly
  • Discover the closely guarded mindset secrets of top sales performers that are driving them to close more deals & earn more money!
  • Get rid of beliefs & attitude that sabotage sales success. Learn to control & retrain the Little Voice that is hindering your sales goals
  • Master a critical Clearing Technique you need to clear all sales blockages in the mind & build empowering mindsets
  • Master the 2 Mind Power Techniques that absolutely will grant you more sales easily & effortlessly
  • Develop a personal action plan for sales success
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