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Our mission is to provide you with the greatest value possible for your team building investment. We accomplish this by presenting team building games, exercises, activities & adventures that are innovative, fun, effective & results that last with a series of challenges that they can only overcome as a team. By facing these challenges together in a fun, safe, supportive environment – indoors and outdoors – teams build trust, leadership, commitment & improved communication.

We tailor this team building activities to meet the uniqueness of the mentioned objectives. All of our programs are designed to motivate, to make individuals realize that they have shared goals & that by working together they can accomplish more than ever thought they could.

We help them break down interpersonal barriers & preconceived ideas. They’ll have the time of their lives doing it. Your team members will come back to work with more zest, energetic, creative, more able to complete difficult tasks & to anticipate, cope with, change in unfamiliar situations.

Below are the learning outcomes for the training course:

  • To develop MMC culture with shared values, vision & mission for a harmonious working atmosphere which is based on continuous learning & growth
  • To reinforce effective leadership styles in creating & maintaining self directed high performance teams with greater responsibility
  • To recognize positive skills & to increase the ability to communicate effectively among team members
  • To develop high performing teams to prepare MMC for competitive business environment with added enthusiasm, confidence & zest
  • To instil EQ in managing staff & peer relation for higher profitability & productivity
  • Develop a level of openness that will foster & increase mutual trust & confidence, reinforce stronger bonding, improve inter-personal relations to create team cohesiveness, create sense of ownership
  • To instill a clear understanding of the principles in creating & maintaining a dynamic and a cohesive team
  • To know the obstacles & distractions that a team will encounter which could prove to be stumbling blocks in keeping a united team
  • A more dynamic & pro active approach to work in general
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