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What compels us to be who we are and what we are certain we have to offer your organisation? Peak Success Abundance is a proven and experienced expert in High Impact Training and People Development. All successful organisations especially in Malaysia, have one thing in common: their readiness to invest in their people, equipping them with the knowledge, skills and attitude the organisation needs to succeed.

Types of Offered Training Courses

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Public Training

Public training courses are conducted in public venues such as hotels. Training and seminars for various topics will be carried out. It will be carried out on weekly/monthly basis. The date and venue of the public training classes will be revealed in this website.

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In-House Training

In-House/on-site training courses are conducted inside the respective corporate organisation environment. This is to ensure maximum participants’ commitment. Plus, this also ensures conducive training environment and effortless for the course trainees.  

The training courses Malaysia offered by Peak Success Abundance is guaranteed to make a difference in yourself and your organisation. All the programs offered by us are HRDF claimable training courses and certifications are provided. High demand skills are specially carved for training course followers which make them more valuable in their corporate organisation. 

We are one the best HRDF Training Provider in Malaysia


Peak Success Abundance is highly reputable training course provider to Malaysia based corporate companies and SMEs. We strive to deliver the best training material to ensure the development of skills among Malaysians. We have all sort of training courses needed by your institution, from Management training courses 2019, Malaysia business communication training courses 2019, Malaysia customer service training courses 2019, Malaysia emotional intelligence training course 2019  to Malaysia leadership training courses 2019. All of the provided list are HRDF claimable training courses. Certification will be provided to all attendees of our training courses. 

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